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So, I'm moving...

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Yeah, so, Loki, Possum, and I are going to be moving in mid-June. We're moving in with my sister... and her 2 cats and dog.

The boys are definitely going to have more space to run around in because we're moving from a small apartment to a 2-story house with a basement. I have a gameplan for the introductions, but we'll see how that goes.

I really hope they can all get along. I hope Loki and Possum won't hate me. Jinx (the dog) has been to my apartment, but they were separated and didn't see each other. Obviously, they smelled each other.

Jinxie is a sweet dog, but she can be a bit of a bully to her brothers (the cats). Originally, Jinx wanted to be friends and play with them, but Mouser doesn't particularly like dogs, and Minion is ambivalent and and ignored her. So, I think Jinx gave up, realized she was bigger, and decided to interact with them in a way that amused her.

I don't think Loki has ever been around dogs, but he's pretty laid back. Possum has been around smaller dogs before, and liked them (more so than they liked him, apparently), so maybe, when he gets used to her, they'll be buddies. If she does try to push them around, she'll probably figure out really quick that claws (even if clipped) don't feel so great.

Mouser and Minion are about 6 and 5, respectively, and are half-brothers. They've never really been around other cats, although my sister says Mouser doesn't like other cats. Both boys are front declawed (they were that way long before we met them).

Now, I have lived with all three animals before, and they adore me and I adore them. Mouser, in fact, is my little buddy. Since Loki and Possum smell like me, do you think that Mouser, Minion, and Jinx will accept them faster?

Generally, I think things will be okay, but I'm still a little nervous. I'm also a little concerned about my interaction with Jinx. She's very needy, and doesn't like it when one of her brothers is getting attention and not her. Obviously, my boys will be coming first, though since I've known Jinx, longer she might feel entitled.

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i have no idea how cats take to dogs. the only experience I've ever had w/ MY cats and a dog were:
1). When a tiny rat dog came into our yard and started barking at Luna. She swatted him in the face and he took off running and she took off after him. At least as far as her leash could go...
2). My ex-roomie thought it would be a good idea to socialize his friend's puppy to cats so he tried to introduce him to Luna. Luna swatted his little puppy nose and the puppy looked mortified. (He was really cute...) but yeah, I can pretty much conclude that Luna doesn't like dogs....Shermie well...i dunno.

Introductions are always tricky so as long as you go slow (and have a way of separating them if they just *don't* get along) it should work out one-way or another. =) Good Luck!!
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Dogs tend to pick up fast that cats have claws. You'll want to give the boys time to adjust to the place before introducing them to the dog & cats.

Try searching the forums for "dog cat introductions" to see if anything helpful comes up.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Dogs tend to pick up fast that cats have claws.
God, I hope so. Jinxie isn't the brightest crayon in the box. She once woke me up crying at 7am because she couldn't figure out how to push the door open to come into the room. It was already open enough for her to stick her entire head in; all she had to do was walk forward!

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You'd be amazed. I foster a 130 lb. Mastiff/Rott/Shep x once. Big, stupid, drooly, stupid, clumsy, stupid....did I mention stoopid?

Cats hit him once, he watched with curiosity from a distance. Hit him a 2nd time, he knew exactly how to avoid them for weeks!
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