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respitory problems, anyone?

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i have a tonkinese which are know for respitory issues, my furball is 8 years old and he gets worse and worse and not one vet i have taken him to can help me.
He cannot breath out of his nose which causes him to throw all fluids up, its really just heartbreaking to watch anymore and dont know what to do anymore. I have tried a nebulizer, a humidifier nothing clears him up.

Any suggestions please

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I am so sorry for what you must be going through right now. Could you prove more information? What antibiotics has your furbaby been on? Do you like near a University that has a Vet program?

My boy Sebastian had a URI that would not go away. He was not as congested as your baby though. He was off and on sick for about 6 months before he broke his arm and then he got VERY ill. It is a very long sad story but in the end I had to put him to rest.

Here is a link

On a side note my vet had explained to me that with the liquid medications, SHAKE WELL. If you notice that the bottom of the med bottle is caked up, you need to get new meds. Sometimes the medicine remains at the bottom and the cat does get the correct dose.

Sebastian also had an auto-immune disease, so he was not well to start with. His brother Marty is 17 and only has senior kidney issues and has been healthy his whole life. Yes, they are both tonks. I just love Tonks

Best wishes and keep us updated.
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thanks for your support
my baby has been on every drug know to man, he has been on and off meds since the age of 1.
He now knows how to throw them up and run away, it really breaks my heart. I wish i can explain to him that it will make him better.

What i need is a med that can be injected then there is no way he can get rid of that, no one seems to be knowledgable at all.

i feel hopless
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What kind of breathing problems does he have. My Cat throws up when her Asthma acts up?
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If I were in this situation, I would be looking for a feline specialist......

Do you live anywhere near a Veterinary College? Many of those have a small animal hospital where one can get readier access to specialist consultation/care. Failing that, I would contact the local Veterinary regulatory body.....I have no idea of where you are, so cannot point you any more specifically than that.
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Blaise.............i am in New Jersey and i dont know what Vet schools are around here i will have to look into it.
I did bring him to a specialist that is familar with the Tonkinese and she sent out a sample of mucous, came back negative, so what now??? he obviously is sick cat as never been diagnosed with anything. If u heard him you would believe it.

i am just out of ideas
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I wish they could help your cat.
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How about a food allergy?
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Sebastian suffered from allergies, so that could be a possibility.

I realize that this may sound odd, but is anything stuck in her nose? Like when a child puts an eraser up their nose.

I found these:

Nancy Dunkle
Firm: Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital
Address: 4 Chester Ave, Medford, NJ 8055
County: Burlington
Phone: (609) 953-0100

Christine Ratti-Czerniecki
Firm: Feline Health Center
Address: 98-100 Maple Avenue, Morristown, NJ 7960
County: Morris
Phone: (973) 285-5151
Fax: (973) 285-5447
Web Site:

Jan Rottenberg
Firm: Just Cats Vet Care
Address: 141 Route 27, Edison, NJ 8820
County: Middlesex
Phone: (732) 632-8200

I realize that this can be expensive but change ALL cleaning products, wear no parfume, no powders, change the food.

Have x-rays been done? I do not know what it is called but when the vet puts a tube up the nose or down the throat to look for "problems"

I have never dealt with this animal hospital but have heard good things about when my Sebastian was ill:
NYC Veterinary Specialists

I dealt with this hospital and they were EXCELLENT
I do not know if you live close the NY boarder.

Please do not get discouraged. You are doing everything that you can do. Just like when we get sick and our dr does not know what is wrong, we get another opinion. It took 3 Vets to dx my boy with an auto-immune disease. Sometimes Vets just do not think outside of the box, but there are those that do.
I am sorry that I do not have more information. Best Wishes.
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my boys thanks for the numbers i will print and make some calls

nothing stuck in nose, he has been this way for 8 years
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