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Nasty, nasty stuff.
I've got a bout going with it now, all I want to do is sleep, but the coughing fits won't let me.
I've been getting by on sudafed, vitamin C mega doses, lots of juice and peppermint schnapps as a cough suppressant/sleep aide.

To make things worse, I'm bored as heck and my folks are leaving for 10 days tomorrow and with them, goes my internet.

Hopefully I'll be able to 'borrow' wifi elsewhere, doubt it though.

blech, just blech

Ok, done ranting, that helped some
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Oh no! I hope that you feel better really soon. I have asthma, so I usually end up getting bronchitis at least once a year. I know that it is NOT fun in the least. Take care of yourself and get well...and good luck locating some wifi!
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Feel better soon!
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Awww feel better! at least you get an excuse to have schnapps?
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