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Denver Area Cat Mom passed away....

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Hi everyone...

A Denver area cat mom passed away last week, soon leaving Gabby without a home. The family would like to NOT take her to a shelter, but they are not in a position to keep her.

Gabby is just shy of 10 years old, spayed female, short hair, mostly white with a black tail & mask. She is named Gabby because she does NOT talk a lot. She is still in her Mom's home, and they are working with and around her to take care of Mom's belongings. Gabby knows something is wrong and misses her Mom.

Does anyone have a home in Denver area?

I have one pic that I can scan if anyone can help.

Thanks, in advance!
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Aww, unfortunately, I'm somewhat close to Denver, but not close enough, or I'd see about taking her in.

Hoping you find a place for her soon.
Keep us updated please!
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Unfortunately, I personally don't have room and I'm trying to find a home for a sweetie myself...

But here's a few ideas for you and Gabby:
5787 W. 6th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80214
(303) 239-9680
2540 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215
(303) 274-2264
Questions about surrendering a dog or cat to ECC...
Please include the following information about the dog or cat you would like to surrender:
Age, breed, sex, spayed/neutered, declawed (cats), health and/or behavior concerns, and reason for surrender.
Our goal is to keep animals in their homes, so if at all possible, we would like to work with you to address the cause for the surrender inquiry.
Phone: 303/546-2704

I hope you can find Gabby a home or a place (all listed above are no-kill) for her!
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Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend Chescher (the OP). She is the cat mom to my Muddy and Koko's littermates, Jake and Elwood. She also has 2 other boys, Mojo and Voodoo. Mojo is deaf and with that brings unique challenges so she really cannot take an additional cat into her home. We had a long talk about that tonight. She is working every angle she can to find poor Gabby a home.

Here's the situation. It's kitten season and all of the no-kills in Denver are full - they've called all of them. The family cannot take in Gabby because the only option for her would be to include her with the large feral colony that they manage. It's not a situation where she could survive. The family has truly looked at the problem many ways and simply cannot fit her into their household with all of their other cats.

Gabby is living alone in the house where she lived with her cat mom. The family is over there daily to take care of her needs, but she is getting more and more stressed. The poor girl spent her life with a woman that just died and Gabby is missing her terribly.

If anyone knows anyone with a big heart that can take this girl, help would be very much appreciated.

Come on folks, lets give this a big TCS try!
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When we went in to The Cat Care Society about Morgan (99% sure she's a foreclosure dump; we've been feeding her for a couple weeks now), they said that while they were full right then, their population levels are always fluid and a spot could open any time. It might help for them to actually go in and talk to them. We went in on a Saturday and the place was SO busy, so there were a lot of potential adopters there. They only had 1 litter of kittens at the time. Basically, the said to keep checking back with them to see if a spot opened up. Sometimes just being able to talk to the people face to face so they can see the desperation of the situation (as opposed to the many calls they surely get with similar, but bogus, stories of why someone wants to get rid of their cat), they may be more willing to help.
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I live in Nebraska about 300 miles away from Denver. I lived in the Denver area for 26 years before moving to Nebraska. I feel so sorry for Gabby she must be so confused and sad that she lost her mom. I wish I could give her a home but I don't have the extra gas cash for a trip to Denver at this time.
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Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near Denver. That is so heartbreaking. I feel for Gabby and I hope that a solution can be found for her. Are there any close friends that could maybe take the cat in?
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I live close to Denver and I actually my know someone who was looking to adopt an Adult Cat for keeping the mouse population down in a barn.

Is this an indoor cat?
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Gabby went to live as a "shop cat" at a store in the Denver area. Just recently, the store owner had to relocate and her new landlord wouldn't allow a cat on their premises. So Gabby was about to be homeless once again.

The OP's mother decided to give Gabby a chance. She has an older, persnickety girl who has been the only cat for years now. She had a huge fear that Pixie wasn't going to accept another cat, but both she and Gabby are old enough that neither of them may care. Gabby is currently living in a spare bedroom at their house, and I'm giving them the TCS tricks of introducing a new cat to old cat. She's got the Feliway plug ins going, is doing the scent swap with their bedding, and is about to start the vanilla extract trick on them. So far its looking very good. They had a brief nose to nose sniff with no real reaction between them.

This guarantees that Gabby will have a good home for the rest of her life. It looks like there is finally a happy ending for Gabby.
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After some sweating and anxiety, a nice ending to that story! LOL

Thanks for sharing.

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Bless you all for helping Gabby find a new home
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