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How do you treat very young kittens (1 week old) for fleas? I am pretty sure I saw a flea on one of these 9 kittens I am taking care of. I gave the mom promeris 4 weeks ago when she was still pregnant, but I am pretty sure I can't use it on very young kittens. Any ideas?
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Just comb them with a flea comb dipped in Dawn Dish soap. That is about all you can do at this age. Be careful they don't get too wet either.

On a side note, how did the Promeris work? I haven't heard a since good report on it so I am interested.
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Promeris worked when I applied it a month ago. The fleas were jumping off momma kitty and biting my hand and she didn't have anymore fleas during that time.

I just combed every single one of the kittens and none of them had any fleas, so perhaps those were not fleas that I saw on the bathroom sink. I will be keeping a close eye.

One thing I learned today is that kittens do not enjoy being combed for fleas and they can screech really loud and the sink amplifies their screeches.

Anyways, perhaps I am a bit paranoid, but they do seem pretty delicate. This is my first time taking care of newborn kittens, so its a learning process.
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