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Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

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Hi, i'm new and just wanted to ask some questions. My 10 month old cat Max (Maximus, my dad named it) has gotten this heartbreaking virus. At least thats what my vet said (I dont trust him all that well, he misdiagnosed my dog once before so I am going to get other opinions but hear me out).

Ok, so his belly area is big, he lost weight and he had a 105 fever when we took him to the vet. doctor did tons of tests and gave him plenty of shots. Funny thing is everwhere I have read is that they have diarrhea, depressed and have poor appetites. My cat still runs around, jumps around, playes around with me and eats ALOT. I'm just curious if anyone knows ANYTHING about this, it would be so great. I just love this cat and so does my entire family, and it would be such a shame to lose this cat so early in its life. Is there anything I can do, any kind of pills, shots, anything. Maybe its something different? Please help me. Thank you all in advance
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It could be that you cat is shedding the virus (I mean he is carrying it) and has not yet gotten very ill. There are two types of FIP wet and dry and if you are in doubt about your vet, then you should find another vet and go for a second opinion. FIP can mimic other viruses as well so as I said, a second opinion would be preferable if it were my cat.

Best of luck-
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I don't have personal experience with a FIP cat in my home, so all I can do is echo what Hissy said. If you have doubts, or your vet isn't being clear enough, it doesn't hurt to find another vet. I think most of us here have gone through our share of good and bad vets.

Good Luck!
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Hi there and welcome!

i am sorry your Max is under the weather. Take heart, as it is curable! (Read on.)

i hope you stick around to read the forum pages and articles, and they are really helpful in terms of kitty care.

i got a chance to learn more about FIP just by surfing the net. Here are two websites that i like, as they provide ample information and assistance:


Here, you can find facts about FIP.

_________________________ ___________________________


The content includes:

~FIP is a disease (by a type of coronavirus.)
~One of the reasons FIP is such a problem for vets is because there may be no way to differentiate an FIP virus from certain other viruses.
~These are most common in kittens, but can occur in cats of any age.
~FIP usually appears in one of two forms: Effusive (wet) and Non-Effusive (dry).
~Most household soaps, detergents and disinfecting agents will kill the virus. Make sure you wash any part thoroughly that has come in contact with the cat (don't forget your pants if the cat rubbed up against you). Bleach in a 1:32 solution is suggested for decontamination purposes.

_________________________ ___________________________

Hopefully, your Max will get well soon! Do let me know, okay? for Max!


From another newbie
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gurl, I dont see exactly where it is curable. If you could be a little more specific. Thank you for all your help. Get back to me soon. Thank you.
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Hi again!

Could you check out the website i posted?

Oh, forgot to say i am not a vet, just gaining knowledge from reading from everywhere.

From an extract (also read the last exerpt of my previous posting), apparantly, FIP is curable with household products.

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Also, i would just go to another vet .. from my readings from other websites, it seems like this disease can be puzzling to vets, resulting in varying opinions and diagnosis.

Take care!
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Max I am sorry to say, it is not curable. If it is dry it can be managed, but ultimately if the cat has FIP it is living on borrowed time. Hopefully as more is learned about it, it will one day be curable, but right now it is not.
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i am sorry to learn from Mary Anne that FIP is not curable. (i got the extract from the website indicated.) Hopefully, for all kitties' sake, it will be curable.

i sent a pm to you. Please keep me updated about Max's well-being and how the vet visit go.

Thanks so much!
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