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Who else is in grad school??

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Just curious. I've heard it mentioned a couple times. I'm currently doing a masters in biochemistry and biomedical science. My prof wants me to transfer to my PhD this summer, but I'm feeling a lot of pressure because of my research (good and bad thing) so I don't know what I'm going to do!

Also I want to go into drug discovery in the private sector once I'm done.

What's your grad program and what do you want to do with it??
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i have two children working on their Masters - does that count?

The older one is working on his MBA. Currently working with a company that owns most of the commercial real estate in LA and has started a smaller branch here.

The youngest one is getting her bachelor's next week, but already has a year of her classes for her Masters done. Weird thing with her senior year classes counting toward her bachelors even though they are 5000 and 6000 level classes. She will be a physical therapist. She loves sports medicine and orthodists.

The midde child has a bachelor degree, with a double major. We think he is going to go back for his Masters next Fall. His is currently writing code for an insurance company so they can meet state requirements on reporting coverage.
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wow!! I love hearing about what other people my age are doing! You must be a VERY proud mom!
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I'm pretty similar to you - I'm working on my PhD in Genetics (officially) Biology/Neuroscience (unofficially, that's just where my PI is). On my third year, with two or so more years to go.

When I'm done, I'm looking right now to get a Masters in Genetic Counseling, and go do that in a big Catholic hospital or something like that.

What are you doing your research in?
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I am doing research in neurological diseases. Looking for novel drug targets, huntington's disease (I prefer genetic disease) and alzheimers disease. I really enjoy it.

I looked at getting into genetic counselling, it was a tough decision to go into grad school instead......
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Do what I do, do them both! Of course, that means I'm in school forever and a day....
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haha it does seem that way!!!! I love bench work and the thrill of discovery, so I think I'm going to stick with drug discovery (hopefully in genetic diseases, so in the future you can tell people HOW we are going to make them better......)
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I'm also in grad school but not for long. I am finishing my PhD this summer in physics. Then I will start a postdoc position in the fall in the UK. I have been spending a lot of time writing my thesis and this site is about the only thing keeping me sane!
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Well... I did want to do the whole neuroscience thing, but instead I'm working on my MSEd to be a High School biology teacher... Can I PLEASE live vicariously through you?
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I'm working on a Master's in geophysics and hope to go into the field of exploration geophysics when I finish school.
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I am in graduate school as well. I am currently finishing up my master's degree in History. As of this semester, I am done with the required coursework and just have to finish my thesis. I had planned on going ahead with PhD studies, but I need a bit of a break. I'm just beyond burned out right now, so I can't imagine how I am going to feel by the time I finally get my thesis completed! I have been teaching freshman history courses at my university for the past year now and I've found that I love teaching, so I suppose that I have my career path figured out. I'm hoping I can get a teaching job at a junior college.
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I'm enrolled in my fifth to last class in an M.Div program. I can't wait to graduate.. 81 credit hours... ugghhh. It has taken me forever because I've had to work full time. I've finished all required internships at least, about 5k hours of chaplaincy training in a hospital.
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Graduated already!
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