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cords and chewing

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My cat recently chewed through a computer power cord, and I'm not sure what to do. I will be replacing it, but I don't want her to chew through it again. She has never had a problem with chewing in the past, but I know this is a very dangerous behavior. Any advice to make a cord look less appetizing to Meisje?
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I use clear tape and tape the entire cord along the wall and up the back of the desk/entertainment center/etc. Using a staple gun to secure the cord long the wall would work, too, but I rent so I don't do that. This way the cord doesn't wiggle, move or resemble something that looks like a fun toy.
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Check with the local office supply, electronic or organization (eg The Container Store)stores. They make a couple of different plastic tubes that wrap around the elctrical cords to protect them. They aren't very expensive.
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Try spraying all the cords with Bitter Apple Spray. Stops my cats/kittens and the dog from chewing on things.

If that doesn't work, you can buy cord protectors where are round tubes the cords feed thru.
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