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ok long story......

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ok took me a while to post in here since we did go through a false pg. with my cat back in dec. so thought this was more of the same. was hoping to get her in to be spayed but due to some unforseen things we didn't have the cash.......

Anyways around March 11-13th she got out a few times. she wasn't out for long but was bred by at least one male in that time (think on the 12th?? but before I checked my calendar I was thinking the 11th but don't have she was out on that date so not sure) well she showed all signs right on time as she did before even started to get a bit of a belly but didn't get really big like last time. well last time she came back into heat on day 49 or 50 (well what would have been) and her nipples got lighter and went back to white a 1-3 days before that. so knew around day 47 or so that she wasn't..... well she is now around day 53-54 and her nipples are still very very pink, hair is gone around the first 4 and a tiny bit around the top 4 but not a ton...... But she still isn't all that big at all. so much that if I put pix up she wouldn't look like she was showing at all but she was thin before so is a bit wider......

I was touching her belly today and THOUGHT I felt a decent kick. but then figured I was crazy. kept feeling and felt nothing for a bit then thought I felt maybe a light kick........

so not sure what is going on...... if it is a false one going longer or maybe she is only preg with 1 or 2???? Guessing she would be due around May 14th or so if she is........ I do have my room set up (safest place) with a box etc) and she likes it in there.

I know it isn't ideal but one of my dogs passed away this past mon so would be great to have kittens to help and have something else to concentrate on. But guess I still wait and see.........

Anyways she is orange and white and the male she mated with was either a white or very very light cream (hard to tell as he was a bit dirty too) with a black skunk stripe on the top of his head everything else looked white or cream.......... if she is preg. what color babies could I get????
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Hi, im no expert but my cat gave birth this morning and 10 days ago i could not only feel but also see big movements in her tummy. However she had five kittens in there so i guess it could be possible that your cat only has one and therefore you wouldnt see as much movement.
Good luck and im sure that lots of people will be along soon who can help you more..

Im very sorry to hear about your loss.
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Sounds like the male was outside all the time and the "stripe" is probably grease mark from under the cars. With her being red/white and him being red or cream - you will get reds and creams. If you get any torties, then another father was involved.

Please keep her inside after the kittens are born and get her spayed as soon as your vet feels she can be spayed - maybe around when the kittens are 8 weeks old. But she CAN get pregnant again right after giving birth, so she must stay inside. And keep the kittens together with mom and siblings till they are a minimum of 10-12 weeks old before you place them.
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she is an indoor cat. But did sneak out when we opened the door those few times. other than that she is indoors ONLY!!!!! which we try to keep that way. she mainly gets out when my oldest daughter or hubby don't close the main door all the way and she manages to open it and slip out or if they are just running out and right back in they won't close the main door and when they open the screen door she is there waiting and runs into the bushes and along the edge of hte house to between the fences so we can't get her right away.

if she is indeed preg. then she would be locked in my room until kittens are weaned and all can be fixed so 2 doors between her and outside so no chance of her sneaking out.

she is around 3 and has only snuck out a hanful of times so not like she is out all the time.

I hate this waiting though. I would swear it was another false preg. like last time only her nipples are still very pink this time and still no heat so guess I wait and see if she goes into heat or we have kittens in a couple weeks.

oh and I saw that male a few times and it didn't look like a grease spot at all. it was greyish and he is long hair and it went all the way through his fur not just the tops and no other marks on him but that one. I saw him a mo or so back and he was muddy but not the color of that spot. this time he was cleaner and the spot was still there.......
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double checked my calendar and she was mated on the 13th that I saw but was also out on the 12th......... so she is 53 days and says due around May 16th if she is preg. so still over her last false preg. since that one went to 49-50 days and nipples got lighter by the latest 48 days...... so guess will will see. I will put pixs up tonight. when you see her nipples you would say DEFINATE but then like I said she is tiny.......
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ok here are some pics.......

her nipples first (the ones with her on her back I forgot to turn the flash on so they are a bit dark. LOL)

Back view

top and side views

some signs say definate but then like I said she is NOT big at all but has a tiny bubble on the side (more one side than the other)
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My Lily just had the same thing happen. She wasn't in heat at all for 7-8 weeks, was getting fatter, etc. Took her to the vet to finally get an answer. Nope, false pregnancy. The vet was sure she was pg too, but the xrays confirmed she had no fetuses inside. She was at about 54 days by my calculations of her last heat....that was my first experience with false pregnancy.

She went out of her false pregnancy 4 days after I took her to the vet and was in heat bigtime. I didn't expect her to go into heat so quickly after I was at the vet! Needless to say, she's not been fixed yet aaaannnnndddd, I think she IS pregnant now. I witnessed my male a couple of times and I don't think there's any question. I guess only time will tell.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Those boobies are quite large and pink in my opinion!
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yeah the first time she did the same thing with not getting really big but her nipples didn't stay as large or pink as long and about 50 days later was back in heat. This time her nipples are staying large and pink but stil not that big......

Guess she will either go into heat in the next 12 days or so or give birth........ LOL only bad thing is she is due on the 16th (by the date I saw the mating or so purringlot says is day 65) which is a friday and we go camping Friday(day 65-Sun day 67! EEKS leave friday night home Sun afternoon..... may have to come home and check on her.... or have a friend stop by.
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You'll probably know before you leave for camping if she's close to having them. I would refer to a few past posts regarding they lose their mucus plug, milk comes in etc a few days before delivery. I would just play it by ear and not panic just yet...however, I am a worry wart too, so I don't blame you in many respects

Take good care,

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She's pregnant. But are you SURE the male with the stripe on his head is a male? While male tortie/calicos occur they are usually sterile.

From the pictures she is pregnant
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well he was mating with her....... LOL he may have been a white and not a cream. if it was cream it was very very very light cream. almost an off white color.........

see I said from her nipples you would be SURE she was. but 54 days and she really isn't big at all. and I KNOW it has been 54 days since mated and 53 days since she was last out........ so I would think she would be bigger by now?????? and I haven't felt any other movement since I thought I MAY have last night........ so not sure what is going on.....
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OMG OMG I felt KICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was in my room so I went and laid on the bed. she finally laid down and I tucked my hand under the right side of her belly and felt a few thumps thought I was feeling things so kept it there and felt a few more!!!!!!!!!! put my hand under her left side and felt nothing. so my guess is one or two and in the same horn.........
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