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my poor kitten lilly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm a horrible kitty mama
My poor little kitten... I went outside and there was a HUGE black kitty. I think this is the biggest cat i have ever seen. So i was like awesome!! I have always wanted a black cat...and then i noticed why he was there...he had his eyes on lilly! He is trying to mate with my baby!!!!!!!!!! I could just cry...i called dh out there and he tried to case the black on away but the black on chased lilly back in the woods.... She was hissing and he growled at her and she ran and hid. I didn't get her fixed in time. My poor little baby is going to end up pregnant. she is so little i didn't think she would go into heat yet. She was putting up one hell of a fight. I really wish i could have caught her and brought her in so she would have been safe from the big bully. I don't think she wants to mate. I really hope she got away from him i'm so worried about her. And to make matter worse ashton and sherbert are running around the neighbor now. I really need to get some money together but we just found out we owe a bundle in taxes. UGH i'm so upset
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Oh Val, that's horrible. Is there any way you could get to a low cost spay neuter place? She is a feral, there are some vets who will give you a deal for helping ferals. She is too young to have kittens, she could have serious complications or even die with the stress of the birth. You can have her spayed, if you do it pretty soon. It's not a nice choice to make, but it may be the best in her case.

Any way you can bring her inside now? If you can't have her spayed, and she did mate, you need to have her complete trust so you can help her if there are complications with the birth.
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i can't find her now i think she is hiding some where. I can't find any low cost place in south NJ. I don't want her to be pregnant. I feel so horrible. She is way to tiny to carry a litter and i'm extermly attached to her. Snow white showed up for dinner and she looks like she is ready to pop. The basement isn't ready for her and she is going to have another litter outside. That big black cat seemed like he belonged to someone because he let me get a few feet away from him It is so hard!!! I want to do the right thing but $$$ and time always gets in the way
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I know, I do understand your predicament. I hope Lilly isn't pregnant too. Accidents do happen, there's no two ways about it.
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i hope she isn't maybe he was just trying and she isn't in heat.
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I am so sorry to hear this!!! Please let us know when you find her! I am sending up prayers and good thoughts for her and hope the male cat didn't get the job done.
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Sending no fertility vibes your way and to your precious little one. It's too bad you couldn't have kept her inside, but what can you do with ferals, right? Hopefully she got away and is still hiding. Please let us know when you find her.
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Prayers comeing you way he did't get her!
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Wow...Your kitty population could double in a very short period of time.....If money is an issue now—won't it be a bigger issue when all of the babies a born? There must be a spay neuter program somewhere near you....we have them all over the place.

I feel for you and I do hope that Lily doesn't get pregnant.....Really, I should wish you luck catching her.
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Have you called Spay USA? It's a free service which will help you find a low-cost local spaying and neutering facility. The number is
800-248-SPAY. There must be some place in southern Jersey, PA or Delaware.
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the closet place near me is 1 hour away. Dh works 55 hours a week and we are sharing one car since i'm not working He can't afford to over two hours of work a few times to get all these cats fixed. On top of that with the load of cats that is out there now even low cost is going to cost alot i'm going to have to just break down and call the aspca and hope that they will just fix them and not take them. I didn't want to get them involved because they are known for just putting animals to sleep around her.
I just over extended myself. I should have stopped with two cats. but now i have my two cats, two dogs and the load of strays
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Gosh! Don't beat yourself up. You're a sweet heart humanitarian that needs a plan to care for your kitties. Heck, If I had as many pets as you I would be RUNNING for help, LOL!—Caring for that many must cost quite a few $$$. My DH told me that the next time I bring a cat home—it had better have papers.....divorce papers....LOL!!! (Just kidding - he's really not mean)

Hey, check out their's pretty informative.
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What state are you in again? Besides state of confusion? *G*
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south nj. little over an hour from Atlantic City.

Lilly is okay so far. I went out there and she was hiding in one of dh's old cars. the black cat was making all these weird noises so i yelled at him and he walked right up to me he is HUGE and i'm kinda scared of him. He must belong to someone unless ferals get brave when they want to mate. It is such ashame because he is amazing. He is SOLID black even his whiskers and he has really pretty gold eyes. two bad he is trying ot mate with my baby!!!
There was also a BIG orange guy out there. They kept chasing poor sherbert and I don't even know where ashton is. Dh filled a pitcher with water and said he is going to throw it on the black cat if it attacks any of the kittens. It's really nice out today so the kitty will just be wet not cold.
Lilly won't let me pick her up. I think she is really scared.
Snowwhite showed up for lunch...
My neighbor is going to think i'm nuts. So this morning, i had a large orange, black, and snowwhite...then lilly and sherbert, and ashton is MIA, but I did see him last night. Nanook (dog) is going crazy barking at all of them. Misty is being good for once and taking a nap inside. Moe and Neo are looking out the window trying to figure out what is going on...i feel like i'm at the zoo.
The orange cat is funny looking. He is really fluffy and his face is kinda smooshie. I never thought i would say this....but i have two many cats
Well i have to go over my parents for my b-day b-day is tomorrow.... oh happy b-day to me
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i hope nothing happens to Lilly!

Could the local pet rescues assist in spaying Lilly? i am sure they feel for your concern as well?

Is it difficult to keep your pets indoors?

i hope all is well with your kitties.. it is really stressful to be chased by other cats.
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Originally posted by GurlPower
i hope nothing happens to Lilly!

Could the local pet rescues assist in spaying Lilly? i am sure they feel for your concern as well?

Is it difficult to keep your pets indoors?

i hope all is well with your kitties.. it is really stressful to be chased by other cats.
pet stores around her don't care And lilly is a feral kitten, so she doesn't come inside. I have two inside cats that aren't allound out. But the ferals are just warming up to me. I can pick her up and pet her but she won't come in the house. dh and i are doing our best to try to figure something out. He said he is going to close up the coop really good and make a whole just big enough for ashton, lilly, and sherbert so they have some place to go to be safe until we can come up with a better plan
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Hi again!

i found the following website:

It is actually the Atlantic City County SPCA of New Jersey. i think they are pretty near to where you are, and can help spay your kitties.

If spaying ALL your kitties is too much financially at one go, could you bring one at a time?

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i know about that one, that is the closet one too me but it is over an hour away from my house.
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i just looked at the prices....40 dollers for a female kitty that not cheap.

it would end up costing me 80 for the two girls and 50 for the two boys...that isn't including the other monsters that are running around out there. and one of my ex coworkers took her strays and they made her due rabbies shots and so that is another 20 dollers for the them, I just don't have 150 + all the missed work because we would have to make 8 trips to drop them off and pick them up. I'm going to just have to contact our spca and see what they can do.
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