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Vibes for Zia please

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She is picking at her food, so I think she needs the dental the vet said she would need at some point in Jan - I am going to ring the rescue she is from in a bit (she isn't from my rescue), to see when we can get her in. She is 18 this month though - well, she could already be 18, I am just using the date that she came into the rescue as her birthday, so a bit of a worry for an anaesthetic. She is happy to play with me though, and has been going outside, so feels OK in herself, and I can get her to eat dry, so she isn't going to starve. Am going to make sure pre-op bloods are done with her age. I'd take a pic of her, but have no idea where the camera is, which is worrying.
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Lots of vibes for your sweet Zia. You are so good with all your rescues.
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I'd be worried at her age with a dental, too. Sending lots of
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I would be scared too.
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sending good surgery & for Miss Zia!
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Lots of vibes for Zia!

Chynna is 16 years and just had a dental done on April 9th. Poor kitty had most of her teeth removed. She still hase on incisor, all of the small little ones top and bottom, and some smaller ones at the back. She's still adjusting to eating without her teeth, but at least she's eating.

It was so hard to watch her struggle to eat and always after me for food because she was so hungry yet she couldn't eat it. She now feels a whole lot better and is back to eating.

Chynna sends out lots of head butts and nose kisses to Zia too! From one old girl to another
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Sending lots of vibes for Zia!
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Thanks everyone - she is eating dry food no problem, but it is the wet she is struggling with. As she is 18, I dont want her eating too much dry. The rescue are going to ring the vet tomorrow to book her in for me.
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Obviously, you already have some concerns about Zia going through this procedure, and rightly so. That being said, she may very well need to have the work done. There are real dangers associated with dental work - in any cat - but, particularly in a very senior cat. Please read through the information in the following link - and I would suggest you print it out, show it to the Vet and ensure that they will be followed. (These recommendations apply to any cat, not just seniors or cats with pre-existing CRF.)

Precautions During Dental Procedures
Dental problems may seem to trigger CRF, in that often a cat with periodontal disease which undergoes dental treatment under anaesthesia may develop CRF shortly afterwards. It cannot be proven that the CRF has been triggered by the dental disease, and it is also possible that the anaesthetic played a role; but there does seem to be some kind of connection. Therefore it is worth taking some precautions in terms of your cat's dental health. If requires dental treatment of any kind, you should consider the following precautions:
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:vi bes:
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For Zia
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Well, she has had to have 2 teeth out, but her bloods were fine. I was incredibly relieved. She is currently trying to eat me out of house and home, but i am restricting her food to make sure she doesn't eat too much and be sick - especially as she doesn't like bland foods like chicken, and I have no white fish in. Ironically, I have had 2 cats at the vets since Sat, both looked as though they had lost weight, yet both had put weight on, maybe I am imagining things!!
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