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Flowerbelle today!

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Flowerbelle then: Flowerbelle's 1st Few Days Home

Flowerbelle now.

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Aaaaaw her poor little eye bless her paws, she's gorgeous!! I LOVE "broken" kitties (to my mind there's no such thing as a broken cat, it's just character).... I think she's beautiful!
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Aww she is so sweet!
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What a wonderful sight to see her so relaxed, and HAPPY to be home. Napping with a smile on her face....SO PRECIOUS!!! Bless you for taking her in
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She is gorgeous!
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Awww, Laurie, she's such pretty girl!
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Aww bless her, she's adorable
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Flowerbelle is lovely!! Hope to see more photos of your precious Flowerbelle!!
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Awwwwwww look at that beautiful girl I read her kitten thread about how she always purrs, that is so sweet. She was so happy to be rescued.
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Bless her heart!
You did a good job with her
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Flowerbelle your soooo gorgeous!! Love that one of her dangling over the cat tree
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