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May Show Update

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Kingston did very very well. He made all 6 finals. Our first four rings he only took 2nd Best Shorthair Premier but I was fine with that Then in the fifth ring he took Best Shorthair Premier And then in the last ring of the show he took Best Shorthair Premier and Best All Breed Premier Not confirmed but I think he got a total of 29 Grand points. That makes a total of 36 points so far. 75 are needed to Grand in CFA Premiership.

We also finally got his pictures done. Won't get them back for 4 weeks so don't have any to post yet. They were done by St. Arnaud photography. Can't wait to get them!
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Well congrats to you both! I think you have a few more points then Charlie has in CFA - he's got somewhere between 32 and 35 - can't remember. We only have 2 CFA clubs in the area, and he doesn't take a lot of finals, so I'll show him again in September at the CFA show - he will be fully mature (2 yrs old) and if he doesn't pick up several rings for points, I may not continue showing in CFA.

He's done very well in ACFA so we will stick more to that. Not official yet, but he should be in top 25 in the region and top 50 nationally AND will take a breed award nationally too.
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Congrats to you and Kingston! Looking foward to seeing his pro-photos.

We're going through show withdrawals. Our little guy Rome is only 8 weeks old. 2 more months before we can get him in a show hall.
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Nial, I'm sure if you try really hard, you can find a cat in your house you can show
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Good job Kingston! And congrats to both of you! It's fun to have their pictures taken. I can't wait to see yours!
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