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How often to worm a cat that goes outside?

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Oscar goes outside daily. He is out a significant amount of the time at the moment cos it's so warm. He does catch things, we take it off him when we spot him with something, but obviously we can't see him 24/7. He had a worming tablet at the vet about 3 weeks ago, she said to go back in 2-3 months. Is that regular enough? She said we could buy the tablets and administer them ourselves but we're going to take him to the vet for his worming instead because he has a muffled heart beat which we'd like to keep monitored.
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A cat that goes outside should be on something like Advantage Multi or Revolution year-round. This will prevent your cat from getting fleas, ear mites, heart worm, hookworm and roundworm. These are prescriptions, but your vet will most likely write you a prescription without seeing you for an appointment. You can buy them online from 1-800-PetMeds, or get them from your vet's office.
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My vets opinion ... never unless you see worms or scooting ... my Zoey goes out and has not been wormed in 3 yrs ... I do take a stool sample in to be tested every 4-6 months

old school thought every 3 months
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IMO its better to be checked by the vet every few months is he's going outside and catching things. The vet can see exactly what worms he may have and it will not be guess work on your part.
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I de-worm my semi-ferals every 3 months, year round. That said, I can't catch them to get a stool sample. I take in stool samples from the "friendly" farm kitties & if that reveals something, then I de-worm.
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Here in Ireland it is very common for cats to be indoor/outdoor (though ours aren't) and our vet recommends doing them every 6 months, or, if we think there is a problem (like we see signs of worms) then to bring in a stool sample.
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My indoor cats all got a pill when they came home from the shelter. After that I have gotten the same advice sharky gave.
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My cats (they go out) get dewormed when it shows in their stools. I have been told about the 3 months thing but in my experience it is not necessary.
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Mine gets de-wormed around every three months at vets suggestion. I take him for check ups with the vet every four months so I know everythings okay! The thing is my cat is a right little hunter and is always catching things so for his own comfort i make sure he is de-wormed. He had worms once when I first got him and he wasn't too happy about it bless him!! My Grandma said that she never used to worm her two cats and they never got worms even though they were out all the time!
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