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My exotic cat

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I just wanted to share one of my favorite piccies of my Ringo. She's being a supermodel here for me or something!

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Aaaaw! She's gorgeous!!
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What a beautiful cat, and in such a professional model's pose What kind of cat is she, an ocicat???
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She is a beautiful girl!
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She's quite the poser
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Sorry for the late reply...thank you all so much for your sweet comments. She is beautiful, isn't she?! Ringo is a Savannah mix of some sort, but since we rescued her from a shelter and have no papers on her, she is technically a domestic shorthair. Of course, we love her to bits no matter what she is! After having her a few months, though, I did get quite curious as she is so unusual looking (and quite wild acting as well). I ended up talking to a few breeders to figure out what kind of kitty monster I have on my hands! Haha!! She is the best!
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Isn't she a beauty!. I love her ears
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she is gorgeous i love her eyes
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she's a beautiful girl!
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She`s a beauty!
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