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cat equivilent of dry toast

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Daisy has been being sick every few weeks for a couple months. This weekend it has got a lot worse and she has been sick several times a day. I've tried different foods. She's going to the vet on Tuesday (its a holiday weekend) but what should I feed her in the mean time.

She seems to have less appitite than normal but does still eat.
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All meat baby food (NO onions or other ingredients) is as close as you can get to a “tea and toast†kind of diet that can give the digestive system a chance to rest and recover.

However, if the symptoms are caused by pancreatitis (and right now you don’t know that), then withholding food and water is the best and necessary first step in the treatment.


I’m wondering, can you possibly get advice from an ER vet regarding what would be the best thing to do? Tuesday is far away and if you have to withhold food and water, kitty will need subQ or IV fluids to prevent dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
I really hope you can get advice from a vet today.
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One more article about pancreatitis, just for information. I'm very worried about your kitty, so I'd like you to have this just in case.

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My kitty was diagnosed with pancreatitis a couple of years ago. He was vomiting and straining to poop. The best thing for that condition is to withhold food for 3-4 days, but like the previous post your kitty needs subq fluids. It would be best to take Daisy to a vet to make sure what is wrong with her. I ultimately treated my cat with homeopathy and he's been well for over a year. If Daisy does have pancreatits it would be best to treat her and then find a diet that works. I feed grain free wet food and a raw meaty bones diet works the best. I'm sending vibes for Daisy's recovery
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I agree with trying the baby food or make chicken and rice ( white meat) and blend it
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Plain boiled chicken is also very bland and is easier to digest than most foods.
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