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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Cool and rainy here today.

Heading off to work for awhile but am hoping I can make it a short day. No reason just one of those days when I would prefer to be curled up on the couch watching TV with the kitties..

Nothing special planned for this evening, most likely do some laundry and tidy up a bit..

Kitties are good this morning all three are laying in one basket staring at me for some reason...Wonder what they are up to

Everyone have a great day
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Church in a few hours, then relax - maybe we'll see if there is a good movie on tv
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been out in the garage since 3am going thru boxes from the storage place.
now plan on taking a shower and maybe going to bed lol

its not easy being a vampire
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I'll be making sure the house is all in order and Oliver's soft paws are all replaced for my mom's return from South Carolina today... I'll be picking her and a friend up from the airport around 3...

Before that and while cleaning, I'll be watching the Red Sox and keeping an eye on the Penguins/Rangers game to see which team the Flyers will play next

Missing my cousin's 15th birthday party in order to pick up mom, but I volunteered to miss so dad can see his family....

Been up since 7 since the pup had to pee/needed her meds and I never really fell back asleep, so I gave up at 830... guess I'll find some food now
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Spent this morning shopping at Tesco's to get some bits in for our barbecue this afternoon

Got the family coming round whilst the weather is holding out too!
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it's raining......gotta get cat food and keep stoli out of trouble.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Kitties are good this morning all three are laying in one basket staring at me for some reason...Wonder what they are up to
I would be very worried.....

I got a good night's sleep for once so I feel like I might actually do something today. And it's stopped raining. Yay! Big excitement planned, I'm going to go to the supermarket and then bake some cookies.

Have a good one, everyone!
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I am enjoying a piece of the cheesecake I made last night. I have to say I'm really proud of it! I'm not much of a baker, but I'm learning.

I have to clean up the house, bake a chicken, and work on the pond. I also need to wash my car later. It's a total mess! I hate dirty cars...

I hope to get a nap in somewhere, but I don't see that happening with all I have to get done today.
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Cleaning the house, laundry, and trying to relax a little.
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Relaxing from a wild night. Friends birthday and we went to a comedy club then clubbing. That was fun! Hubby, the only sober one, ended up feeling sick today. Had bad Mexican food..Poor guy.
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Went cruising yesterday in the hot rod.

Today, I've wasted time here, helped my wife mow the lawn (our deal is she does the outside "mowing" and I do the inside "mowing" with the vacuum cleaner), now I'm wasting time again here, then shortly I'll make cheese fondue (by the recipe used by "Les Armures" in Geneva, Switzerland).
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Well I worked at a clients house from 8-12 then stopped at a potential new client's house nearby. Have some research to do now.

Then got gas for the truck and had a nutritous snack driving home of a Mountain Dew and peanuts!! Finally flipped over our water garden (a old hugh cast iron kettle) doing some research on the computer then I'll be back outside to empty the brush from the truck and work in veg garden.

We are grilling tonite and making a casserole for Neil's lunch too.

I'll squeeze in some R&R too.
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This morning I had work for several hours at the shelter. Had to clean all the furbabies and do meds.

After work I came home and made lunch for me and Colin (homemade spaghetti) Then we took a little nap. (he worked the night shift last night on his "off day" for a friend and i was exhausted from work so we neede a little nap!)

After that my sister Kimmy came over and I made dinner : chicken quesadillas, yellow rice, etc. It was yummy!

When she left i cleaned house a bit (bathrooms, kitchen,dishes, laundry, vaccumed, litter pans.)

At the moment now i'm just relaxing a little bit and then i'll get ready for bed and work in the morning.
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Church, tennis, grocery store, detail the car, mow the lawn, post office, laundry, prepare fruits and veggies and lunch ideas for upcoming work week
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