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Kittens Soiling their bed

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I am new to the forum and after a bit of advice. I have just got two seven week old kittens last week.

They are very playful and loving moggies and generally well behaved. I am giving them lots of love and affection but they have developed a little problem. They keep pooping and weeing on their bed and not in the litter tray??

Is there any reason for this and how can I get them out of the habbit??
I have had 3 cats before and never experienced this problem before.

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Not sure where you got them from, but at that age they should not have been taken from mom/siblings. Kittens up to 3 months old make a lot of mistakes. How close is the litter box? How deep is it? What kind of litter are you using.

Whoever had them before didn't make sure they were trained. It takes several weeks after they start using it to really be consistent. I'd confine the kittens to one room so they don't start peeing in other places. And change the bedding and wash the bed very well with hot water. If they pick up the scent, they will continue to use the bed.

You can also buy some of the Cat-Attract litter and hopefully that will get them to use the pan.
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Talley and Harper were very young when we got them from the shelter - the mother had "abandoned" them in someone's yard (we think he owned the mama cat and just brought the kittens in as foundlings).

We started them out in my daughter's bathroom. We used an alumumin roasting pan as the litter box (low sides, large area and tossable). We covered the floor with old towels and made a pile of towels into their beds - though they loved sleeping in and on their crate. Any poop accidents were moved to the litterbox and partialy covered. Whe we were gone and at night, the kittens were confined to the bathroom. While we were home, they had access to my daughter's bedroom and eventually the rest of the house (after they met the rest of the 4 legged kids). It worked very wel for them.

Even though you've cleaned the beds, you ned to use nature's miracle or a similar product on the beds before using again.
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