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We got the Swheat Scoop Litter

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We bought a bag of it to try. We put it in 2 Pans today. I hope they like it.
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I use that stuff. It's great! It doesn't smell, and it clumps, unlike some other biodegradable litters I've tried. The cats like it too.
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How much of it can I flush?
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I'm not sure, I've never tried.
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Ok I will see if if they like it.
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I have the multicat formula in one box and my cats like it better than World's best.

I don't flush ours, so I can't help you there.
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They seem to like it. I got the Multi Cat and put it in 2 Pans.
We left Yesterdays Mews in Cocos Pan.
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I tried it once and I thought it was awful. I really like using Feline Pine.
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I did try Feline pine before but it set Cocos Asthma off so i switched to yesterdays mews.
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We love the Swheat Scoop! It took them a while to get used to it (I mixed it in gradually --now all the boxes are totally converted to non-clay, some have WBCL mixed in too). It really seems to help with Stan's sneezing/breathing problems.
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I used Swheat Scoop for a while but switched to WBCL because I hate the way SS sticks to the litterbox. WBCL is definitely more expensive though. I've thought about mixing the two to see if it would help the sticking issue while lowering the cost a bit from using only WBCL.

I have 2 cats and clean the box everyday. I was flushing it for a while with no problem but now I use plastic bags that are not recyclable and would be thrown out anyway instead since I am a bit concerned about flushing litter daily over a long term period. One thing to note is that it's best to let the litter sit in the toilet for a little while for the clumps to soften up otherwise they won't flush away easily.
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We have been throwing it out in plastic bags.
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I like swheat scoop, as mentioned it does stick to bottom of box, I mix
this with feline pine scoop. I hate those "dust clouds" with clay.
I just had a big problem with field mice getting in
my attached garage and into the bag where it was stored and eating it.
So be sure your bag is put into a mouse proof container or put
your bag next to the litter box. haha.!! My cat cant use WBCL
as she developed rodent lip (swollen lip) so this is a better alternative for me.
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We do not have a Garage and have never had a Mouse inside here. We do not like how it sticks to the pan. We are going to try the Wbcl next time. It took forever to get the Swheat Scoop off the bottom of the pan.
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I used to use it but I found the clumping not all that fantastic. I use clumping clay litter. In my life I try to be as green as possible but my cats pee a lot and I ended up having to clean the pans every week.
World's best was okay but I was not a fan.
You have to see if it works but just make sure to wash the pan more often.
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