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Possible Diarrhea in kitten?

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Hello all- forgive me if this is posted elsewhere, but I couldn't locate any other threads about this.

I just brought my kitten home 2 days ago, and just starting today I've noticed that her stool, although not completely runny is still much looser and smellier than it was.
She also mewed and cried alot while in her litter box.

The thing that really worried me though is when she got out so pulled herself along the ground, as if trying to scratch her bum. Is this normal cat behavior?

Otherwise, she's eating, she's drinking, and is in high spirits and wants to play- it's just the litter box that seems to be the problem.

Chances are this is most likely from the change in location and food, but I wasn't going to take her to the vets office for another week or so for vacs.
My question is: should I just keep an eye on her and see if it clears up? Or should I make a vet appointment for as soon as possible?

Thanks for the help!
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do you see anything in the poop or on her behind that looks like tiny grains of rice?

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I hadn't seen any in her poop, and I just checked her now- and she looks fine and healthy.
No little grains of rice
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could just be the food change... if it's still a problem on monday, tho, i'd see the vet.
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If it gets worse, you need to get the kitten to a vet before next week. Loose stools can dehydrate a kitten very fast. Hope she feels better soon. Sometimes change of waters is a big cause in changes in stool!
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Thanks for the advice- I'll be keeping an eye on her, and I'll see how she is on Monday!
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You didn't say if you have any other cats. If so, it would really be best to bring your kitten to the vet's for vaccinations and a health evaluation as soon as possible, rather than waiting a week. I would say this even without her stool issue. You don't know what illnesses she might have that could get passed on to other cats in the household. Cats are great at looking and acting healthy when they aren't necessarily so.
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I don't have any other cats- but her mother is an outdoor cat, so it is possible she might have picked something up from her mom or litter mates.

Her poo isn't perfect yet, but I do think she is getting better.

I'll give the vet a call I guess
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