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Cat Food in Europe

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Hello !
There are many threads about the food brands that have best / worse ingredients around the site but since I live in Greece all tha american brands are not available.
If other european members would like to have a talk and comparison about the brands we have it would be very nice.

For dry food
Where I live we have the veterinary diets and Royal Canin (expensive !)
Mid range we have Pro Plan from Purina
Affordable Affinity - Brikkies
and then the commercial whiskas, friskies, kitekat

For canned food

Are there any other brands in your country?
What do you feed your cats?

Thanks !

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I will post here as well even though Ronit and I have had a private message chat about this topic!

Ireland - or at least Cork, where we live - seems to be very much a dog society. Our local pet shop has a huge variety of dog related foods and merchandise, but limited on cat resources! From our pet shop, we can get

A variety of Iams
Royal Canin
and a small England brand called Arden Grange.

I use Arden Grange. Based on my looking at ingredients and whatnot, this is the best we can get, and financially, it is not too bad (E14 for a 2.5 kilo bag). The cats also like it best.

We could go to the vet and order food (like my friend does) but in all honesty, I am not organised enough to do that!

As for wet food, well, we are limited. Only really grocery store brands! Even our pet shop sells them, or cans of really generic, horrible wet stuff. I like to give our cats wet food, so I buy them the best of the grocery store stuff. The bulk of their diet comes from the dry food, so I don't feel too bad about the occasional Whiskas or Friskies wet meal. However, if we lived somewhere where I could find better wet food, I would go for it.
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I'd say the best dry food we have in Sweden is Orijen and after that follows "the usual": IAMS/Eukanuba, Hill's, Royal Canin, Purina, Specific, James Wellbeloved...

Among canned foods the best are Bozita, Natures Harvest and MJAU (I don't think it's sold outside Sweden). We also have the usual Whiskas, Friskies, Felix, Hill's, Sheba, KiteKat and Gourmet.
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i am in the UK, and mainly use James WEllbeloved for dry food, and premium wet foods. They are hard to get hold of though, the majority of places cater for dogs than cats, so I tend to do a trip to PAH once a month, on my way back from the other rescue I volunteer for. AT the moment, we are on Natures Menu, Feline Fayre, HiLife (depends on which cat) and am waiting for Applaws and Bozita. I am on the lookout for senior food with a decent meat content and easyish to get hold of - I only know of one, but woul dhave to order it online, dont know anywhere that stocks it.
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I don't know whether Zooplus deliver to Greece? They have some good brands at affordable prices.

The wet foods I feed include natures menu, Animonda Carny, Bozita, Hi Life, Nature's Harvest, Tesco Luxury, Applaws, Almo Nature and Cosma. I feed a small amount of dry food which is usually Orijen.
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Here's a link to tinned foods in the UK and Europe, listed by DMA (Dry Matter Analysis) % of Phosphorus content (which will make it much easier for you to choose!)

The entire page is full of great information,which is why I didn't provide the link to just the food table.
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So I guess feeding a cat in Greece is not so important for pet food providers... you have lots of options out there ! I just found out they sell Animonda Carny (ingredients seem a little better than other brands) and went into their website.. they have a large range...
In the meantime I will wait till someone will bring some good food over to this country !

Thanks for your posts !
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I feed my cat James Wellbeloved dry, they are so good for kitty and wet food I give him Natures Menu or Hi-Life, these have the highest % of meat in them, no nasties! For a treat I give him the Purina Gourmet slow cooked chicken in white sauce which he loves or the sheba chicken domes.
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I order from or I usually get Bozita and then another variety like applaws depending on what mood my cat is in!! I have never found any decent wet food in a shop in Ireland.
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So I got my order of Orijen ! I bought two large bags because is soo hard to get here !

I just opened the bag and the cats went like crazy with it ! they just loved it !

I am so happy for that because if they would not eat it then I would be so frustated because is so expensive !

I did notice that the feeding plan is for less quantity than other foods, I suppose this is because is a more complete food for cats. So it might not be so expensive at the end !
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Wonderful news! I'm glad it worked out well for you and the kitties!
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I also order from zooplus and feed the following:

Dry - Royal Canin Fit 32

Wet - Bozita, Almo Nature, Animonda, Cosma, Applaws, Grau, and Schesir
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Glad they like the Orijen, I haven't got round to trying that yet - the premium dry foods do have smaller feeding quantities because it fills them up better.
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I also order from zooplus, among others. I mainly feed Almo nature and Applaws canned food, and several varieties of dry, including Orijen, Raw Instincts, Natural Balance, Felidae, Solid Gold, and Canavit (California Natural).
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