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Do you plant a garden?

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Where I live I can't plant a vegie garden,But I do have a rose garden! I love homegrowen vegies,luckly there are lots of farms that do and have road side stands!yummy,can't wait! What do you plant?
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Nope... I've always wanted to but my parents won't let me dig up the yard. Oh well, I can just dream of when I'll have my own place... *sigh*
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I would love to have a garden! But, since I live in an apartment building, I don't have the space.

That doesn't mean I don't try. Every year, my neighbor puts out window boxes, hanging containers and large pots of flowers on our fire escape. I usually put out pots of herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, etc.) and have tried tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The veggies haven't grown well, but the herbs grow like crazy. I can't wait until spring finally comes and I can grow herbs again. Spaghetti sauce with fresh basil and oregano is so much better than sauce with dried herbs.
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we plant corn, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, peas, beans, radishes, lettuce, carrots, onions, potatoes, rhubarb, and strawberries. we also have grapes, raspberries, gooseberries, boysenberries, peaches, cherries 6 different types, and plums, pears and apples.......i love country living
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I agree I love herb,s,I do have a deck and I plant basil there,I am going to try to get a small tomato plant,if I can keep the cats out of it!!!
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I have a big pot of catnip, in the house but that's all. Bill planted tomatoes, last year. He got one tomato and it wasn't any good. I don't think that he'll try, this year. Pearl would eat the plants, anyway.
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I am going to try to get a small tomato plant,if I can keep the cats out of it!!!

Our local plant nursery has many tomatoes (regular and cherry) that can grow well in pots. I didn't have any luck because our fire escape gets the sun for most of the morning and early afternoon, and the tomatoes fried during the summer. Maybe using a tall pot may protect the tomatoes from your cats!
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When I was younger and would stay at my cottage during the summer break we use to have a fair sized garden. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, potatoes, green and yellow beans. I loved eating veggies straight from the garden!

Now we don't spend enought time there, so we may eventually get something growing in our backyard whether flowers or veggies!

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just flowers right now, but i want to plant tomatoes like i used to grow.
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I live on the 2nd and 3rd floor, but I have a huge balcony. Last year I had several pots of flowers--impatiens, wave petunias, pansies,and begonias. I also grow cooking herbs like oregano, basil, thyme. And of course catnip for the furkids.

I'll probably do the same this year, and I might add some lettuce and carrots. It was too hot last summer for any veggies to grow in containers, and some of my flowers died, too. Hoping for better growing conditions this year.

Jenn, If you want to grow a garden, you could try containers. Then you're not digging up the yard. I think there are websites which list good plants for container gardening.
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I've always tried to have a garden of some sort no matter where I was... the only time in my adult life I haven't is when I've lived in a basement apartment and one on the 7th floor with an inset balcony (zero sun). When we had a terrace home (2nd and 3rd floors), I did balcony gardens, but, as other posters mentioned, only herbs grew into something edible; check that, I grew some fiercly hot little peppers as well. That didn't bother me, though, I like to grow things for how impressive they look, not necessarily for the edible "crops". I only got about 5 snow peas a couple of years ago, but a lovely foliage screen from my annoying neighbours with beautiful white flowers all over the vines. Another year I went away for a week and a half and came back to a 4-foot zucchini, mostly seeds, but wow!

This year is the first that I've owned land, but only a tiny bit, so have to figure out how to get BBQ, dining table and chairs, umbrella, flowers, veggies, paving stones, decking and a water feature all in about a 20x15 foot yard. Should be fun!
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I don't do gardening yet. I move in and there are already bushes, tulips, daffalo, susan black eye flowers, daisy, irises, his--(sp?) purple one, 6 bushes of roses and butterfly weeds. There are few flowers and bushes that I am not sure what are these names though.

No veggies or fruits yet!!

i also have a big pot of trumpt's angel. I ll bring it out of my basement to outside real soon since outside is pretty warm. Trumpts angel is a tropical..

I wish i could learn how to do that but too lazy! :LOL:
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Nope - I have a black thumb - hubby takes care of the garden.
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I have had good luck growing cherry tomatos in pots. My advice; lots sun and a HUGE pot. I allso grow catnip of course. I cant wait for the garden shops to open!
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We have in our yard the following:

Veggies: tomatoes, peas, chives, basil, cilantro, tom thumb lettuce, red/green peppers, dill, marjoram.

Flowers: rose of sharons, hostas, daffodils, tulips, black eyed susans, wild flowers, geraniums, peonies.

I love gardening!
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when we moved into this place last year, there was already a garden of flowers and bushes in the back. Also there were too many weeds! It was totally overgrown. So when the weather got warmer, we went out there and turned it all over 'hoping' to kill them. We also added some weed control to the dirt. Then, after the alotted time to wait, I proceeded to grow zucchini's, cucumber, and carrots. They either didn't grow or were extremely stunted! The tulips and flowers did fine, but the veggies died. So this year we're going to try again, but we're digging out all the dirt and replacing the whole darn thing with new dirt. That way we get fresh new dirt and not something that is 20%dirt and 80%weeds and roots from past plants. Hopefully we do it right and something can grow.
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Tamme, the easiest way to handle weeds is to cover the area with newpapers or cardboard and then a mulch on top. I use straw and or leaves. It's best if you can leave it on over a winter, but it can get rid of a lot of weeds in a months time. And yes, I do plant a garden. RBG stands for ratherbgardening, so does that tell you I'm an addict? I just shortened it here, since it doesn't exactly fit in a cat forum.
I've gardened most of my life and I've been around a few decades now. I do it all organically, because, like I tell most people who critcize me for it, I like to see my frogs with all their intended body parts, no extras or none missing. But the only drawback is that neighbors pets all like coming to my yard!
I live near Hissy, a gardeners paradise. We have a nice growing season, with the exception of a few wet summers.
I grow tomatoes, lettuces, spinach, broccoli, sweet peppers, beets, kale, corn, peas,asparagus , artichoke,blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, peaches, almonds, cherries, figs, paw paws (no fruit yet), aronia berry (new this year), and a few other odds and ends. Plus some of the wild foods in our wooded area; thimble berries, nettles, strawberries (which the critters get most of), and blackberries. I've collected various trees and shrubs and perrenials, some of which the deer help prune, especially the roses. But in spite of that long list, it still is a work in progress with a lot of bare spots. I have a lot of weeds to contend with which trys my patience. There is a never ending supply, so I no longer till, becuase that just brings up more weed seed, plus it destroys the soil life which I've learned is very important to plant health an it helps cut down on fertilzer use. I use a lot of paper and straw for mulch and weed prevention and for building up the organic matter in the soil, then the worms carry it deeper into the soil, therefor eliminating the need for tilling since they work it and do a much better job. So we'll be selling the tillers. I try not to walk on the beds also, because that compacts the soil. I hope to get my garden soil as good as the soil in the forest, which has had mulch breaking down in it for many years.
Any way, gardening is my passion (as if you can't tell now!), my therapy, and something I love to share with others. I started my kids in gardening when they were about 2, but my 15 year old doesn't care for it much now and my 9 year old still does. But they have learned from me and can pick it up later in their lives and be familiar with it.
I do some composting. I was loading some up yesterday and I was about to dump one shovel full into the cart when I noticed something pink on top of it. On closer examination I saw that it was a baby mouse! I felt so bad (ya, I'm a softie). Then I found 2 others. So I put them back, hoping their mother would find them. One was rooting around when I move him. Their eyes are still shut, so they didn't know I wasn't their mother. Poor little guys!
Well, I could go on and on, but I won't bore you any more!!:tounge2:
Go to to learn a lot about gardening. They have forums on just about anything to do with gardening. The soil, compost, and mulch forum is a good place to start, because that's the most important part of the garden.
Thanks for starting this thread and getting my mind off the war for a while!
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Forgot to mention one thing. For better flavored vegies, try some of the heirloom varieties. I grow several types of heirloom tomatoes and lettuces. They're good!!
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Originally posted by dtolle

Flowers: rose of sharons, hostas, daffodils, tulips, black eyed susans, wild flowers, geraniums, peonies.
My bad spelling! That's one Hostas, and peonies. I love Peonies. They blossem in the spring time every year.

Oops black eyed susans. I have problems with word backwards etc..
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The first summer after I'd bought this house, I tried to plant a garden. However, there were more rocks than I could deal with, and the soil turned out to be high in clay. I gave up and concentrated on the front yard, where I planted a bed under each of the 2 front windows. On the left, where it is shady, I plant impatiens every spring, and on the right, in between the three azaleas which were there when I bought the place, I have planted my herb garden.

We have talked about renting a tiller and just attacking the backyard with it, tilling it all up and adding sand to counteract the clay, but not sure if that will happen this year. Maybe next year.
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Sue, be careful about adding sand to clay or you might end up with concrete. If you can get some compost, that would be better to add. There's a book called 'Lasagna Gardening' that teaches you a good system for soil improvement. Clay is a hard one to till, because if the soil is too wet, you'll end up with a bunch of dirt clods and if it's too dry, the tiller will take off with you. It's really easier to make the conditions right for worms to move in and 'till' it up for you. Do a search on Lasagna Gardening or sheet composting and see what you think. If you're in town, it may not be acceptable in your front yard.
Some people will just make raised beds and add purchased soil to get a garden going sooner.
I just read your post again. If you're not going to get to it for another year, you could lay down newpaper or cardboard with a mulch on top of them. I mainly use straw, leaves, and grass clippings. If you use hay, you're apt to get weed seed with it. With straw you may get some of the grain sprouting, but I don't find it a problem.
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