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Does anyone have an Armarkat cat tree?

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I was reading the other post about making your own tree, and I don't think that I have the patience for it. I found, and they have really good prices and free shipping....I am just wondering if any of you own one. Reviews good/bad? I mostly just wonder if they are sturdy, because Pan usually tears around the house like he got shot out of a cannon.....thanks!
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I bought one and was not impressed with the quality. The wood platforms are thin and one was broken when I got it. Overall all it had a flimsy feel. I ended up reducing it to about half height and using the left over parts to rehabilitate my old tree. The faux fur hasn't held up well at all to the kitties scratching.
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I have this one:

It has held up pretty well to my two little mischeif makers. It does occasionally need to be tightened, but only about twice a year. The only complaint that I have about it is that the base is a little small for the design which makes it a little tipsy. It has never fallen though, just not as stable as I would like it. All of the faux fur and rope scratching posts are holding up very well.
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I have this one:

I've had it for over a year and it has held up very well between my two cats. Namine loves to run around the apartment then make a mad dash to the cat tree and run up that as well. It has held up very well with the running and jumping. And I agree; the faux fur and scratching posts have held up very well. When this one goes, I will buy another one from them.
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I have ordered several from there and always have to place them side by side for stability. Then I found which looked to sell the identical cat trees. I ordered out of curiosity and I was surprised at how much better and sturdier the trees from are.

I have 2 identical ones, one from each place and the "wood" is thicker, the carpet is softer and the overall quality is better

I have 5 cats and my boys are really big ranging in weight from 16-20 LBS, so when they start playing and running, I really need sturdy and reliable so no one will get hurt.

Snosrap5 (Eva) also ordered from both places. Maybe you can send her a PM and see which ones she preferred also.
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i have 2 - this one & this one. i've actually been quite pleased w/them - the tall one i've had for over 2 years, & i have yet to have anything break on it. i did attach it to the wall, because it didn't seem terribly stable... & the kits play chasing games on it. one of the platforms on it [the unsupported one] i'd like to add some reinforcement to - it creaks sometimes when Java leaps to it from the bed. but that's about my only complaint!
i'd like to get another - this one - but i can't figure out where i'd put it!
my cats scratch the sisal posts, but not the fleece ones.
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I do.
Got it off of Ebay for much cheaper than the price that is listed. I have only one cat but she is rough on her stuff and also likes to sleep in the tree and use the posts a lot. She also chews on it a lot really aggressively and claws it, does flips on it, tears into it, the corners and the sleeping box. It has held up really well to her daily abuse and still is in great condition.
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Ive got one too!
I really like it and Im happy that I splurged and bought it. It is a tad wobbly but all my cats over 15lbs and they havent tipped it. You might want to anchor it to the floor/wall but Im happy with mine and Ive got mine up against the wall.
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I have this one also.

Its a great deal for the cost, but it is a little wobbly. Riley runs and jumps up at it and high speed though and it has held up well.
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We have this one -

It was extremely fast shipping and easy to assemble. The 'stairs' look silly so we didn't use them. We have it against the wall because it wobbles ever so slightly when our 16 & 11 lb kitties jump/play/chase on it.
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I have 2 of these one of these and one of these All of mine have lasted for years now. I will say that the gopetclub brand is better put together, bigger platforms, sturdier bases and the faux fur last longer.

I have had the first 2 for almost 4 years and they are on their last legs but still usable. I plan to replace them this year as well as pick up this one . Price is too high right now, waiting for it to drop to 200.

I have eleven cats and weight ranges from 9 to 20 pounds and all of the cats use the trees.
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I have this one:

I like it, my cats don't seem that into it though O_O But they do like sleeping on the top platforms when I'm not home. I've only once seen either of them use the cubbies, which is kind of annoying because I got one with cubbies specifically. Oh well...

My heaviest cat is 12 pounds, so that may also be a factor in this. It was easy to assemble at least.
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I have this one

The boards in this model are made of plywood, not pressed wood as many of their other models are. Not sure if that makes a difference. One thing to note- I never attached the top two platforms. I changed my mind when it arrived and decided they were a little too high, so I cannot comment on the stability of those. But the main tower, as I have it set up, is extemely sturdy. Wally is a large cat and jumps on it repeatedly, and we've had it for over a year with no problems.
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Thanks for all the info and all are so great! I have decided to purchase one when my "George Bush Special" arrives (hehe!). One more question---I get my packages delivered at my office, because the P.O. in Baltimore won't leave packages on the front stoop....they tend to walk. Now, is this package so huge/heavy that I will have a hard time getting it in my car, or will it even fit in my trunk with the back seats down? I have a Pontiac Grand Prix. It says you have to assemble them, so how big is the box?

I was thinking of getting one in the 5'-6' range, if that helps.

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You might want to see if you can get someone to drag it outside with you, I hauled mine inside by myself and it was pretty heavy. The box should fit in your car no problem, let me think, it seems like mine came in a box that was maybe....3x3x4? Thats just a guess, I dont know, but it didnt seem too huge.
Maybe you can catch the UPS person when they deliver and have them put it in your car for you!
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Great idea about catching the UPS guy....I will do that! Thanks for the info!
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I am really glad I found this thread as I am looking for something for my cat to play and climb on as well as scratch on. I am thinking about spending about $100-$120. I only have one cat thats about 7 months old. I like the looks of with the cantrast between the dark blue and the vanilla of the ropes. But I have been trying to look for something that kinda looks like a castle, I was surfing around the other day and seen one but didn't save it to favorites so I have lost it. I wouldn't mind one that presses against the cieling either, I know cats like to sit as high as they can get.
My cat can get really hyper and dart around at tmes so I would like something that can handle her worst agressive behaviour as well as entertain her in her best.
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Originally Posted by Diablo2k View Post
I am really glad I found this thread as I am looking for something for my cat to play and climb on as well as scratch on. I am thinking about spending about $100-$120. I only have one cat thats about 7 months old. I like the looks of with the cantrast between the dark blue and the vanilla of the ropes.
that's the one i have, & i've been pretty pleased w/it.
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