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Total failure

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I bought one of those cute little bookcase stereos with accessory plugs, so that I could hook my XM radio to it. But, the little speakers have cloth cover faces, and I was pretty sure they would have short life spans if they were put somewhere the tribe could reach them.

So, I put 2 of the plastic shelves together to make it a total of six shelves high for the stereo and a few other odds and ends.

It didn't work

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Isn't it a challenge to make sure stuff is safe? Peaches loves to clear shelves, tables and desks completely off. Nothing is safe!
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Oh, look! A new cat toy!!!
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He probably thinks it's an addition to the tupperlair
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Originally Posted by Telynn View Post
Oh, look! A new cat toy!!!

that old saying 'curiousity killed the cat' whilst extreme is so true. they just have to go and investigate anything new or anything we want to keep away from them!
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Hobo Skimbleshanks, you naughty boy!
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looks safer then mine, mine are is a big stereo and my cat tried climing it once and i fell on her and she never did it again
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Everything belongs to the cats
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Can't say I'm surprised.
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