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Another lovely day

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Hallo everyone - another lovely Spring day here in Southern England - does anyone else find that their cats love helping in the garden? (Cat helping, that it) 'OOOH! Thank-you so much for that newly raked piece of soil Mummy! I'll have a lovely little poo.' 'What do you mean, don't chew the baby plant? I'm HELPING!' One of the many wonderful joys of sharing one's life with cats is the way they always increase the pleasure in everything. Tomorrow we (me, Stanley, Pugwash, Sebastian, Lydia, Richard Parker and Michael), weather allowing, are going to re-turf the lawn. It should be fun! Patricia
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i think you should be posting this in:

The Cat Lounge

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It is so easy to feel at home in new cats and just want to just stay in this forum but New Cats is mainly for new members to introduce themselves.

TheCatSite has many Forums where you can read other members threads and posts, or where you can post or start your own threads.

For example, scan though the threads and posts in our The Cat Lounge
Your above post would be purr-fect for that lounge.

If you want to talk about fun and funny things that your kitties do, check out, Whats New Pussycat?

Fur Pictures and Videos, is a great sub forum at the top of The Cat Lounge, were members post pictures or videos of their cats.
It is one of my favorite places on TCS.
http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/for...lay.php?f=29on TCS...

Explore all of the forums and sub-forums here....
I guarantee you will meet new members and have fun at the same time.
It's all for you....
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Lovely post!! Our kitties love the garden too!
We would love to see more posts like yours! Its so sweet
You'll learn quickly where to post...We look forward to seeing them!!
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I hope Can I see you on the other forums!..
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Hello, my name is John, welcome to the site
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