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Everybody panic

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YouTube has now been down for over an hour.

Everyone feel free to panic

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lol whats youtube lol
hehe just kidding i very seldom ever go there
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I can't go on to youtube any more, since my laptop decided it was going to block it and won't let me unblock it!

I can live without it though!
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I go to Youtube alllll the time. Looks like it's working fine for me.
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Try having only dial-up internet-no Youtube for me!!
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I don't go to youtube hardly ever either.

Anyone know why it's down?
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Seems to be up now.
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I just went there and it's working for me.

Maybe a router is down between you and their server?
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Maybe it was down for maintenance. That would be a disaster if it happened at lunchtime on a weekday - I swear half my students spend the time at YouTube.
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