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Saturday! What are your Plans

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Morning All!!!

Raining here this morning but much warmer then yesterday so that's okay.

Heading off to work in a bit, hopefully have a fairly short day since I got of my stuff finished up earlier in the week..

May go and do some window shopping afterwards. I am in need of a new pair of runners and work shoes as well so guess I will do some pricing.

After that Just home and TV I guess.

Kitties are good, watching the rain right now, in fact Linus is trying to catch to drops running down the outside of the window which is cute...

Everyone have a good day
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It's sunny here, so I'll be going for a bicycle ride and Beauty's sunbathing in the garden.
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Yard work and planting.
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well i was up all night gaming. Went to bed. Then work called had to go to the office to fix some stuff. Now just waiting to see if it all working again. So i can go home and go back to bed
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Got woken up at 8:15 this morning by people on the first floor that were moving. And they were right outside my window on the ground. (I'm on the third floor)

Just had breakfast. Need to clean and do the elliptical today. It's kinda cold and rainy, but I might go for a run later as well. We'll see.

Doing errands tonight when the boyfriend gets home, and going to Panera for dinner. Yummm.
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It's supposed to be 85 and sunny today, so I think that calls for a trip to the beach! I'm going to pick up my new contacts, then we're meeting some friends at the coast.
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We're going out to lunch for a birthday, then probably coming home, unless we think of something we need to do while we're out.

It looks like it's supposed to warm up later, maybe I'll spend some time outside. If not, I'll probably play with the kittens.
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Just getting some stuff done in the house, and then probably working with the horses for awhile this afternoon.
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I went to a very awesome concert last night and just woke up! And then today my boyfriend is graduating college and we are going to have lots of fun with that!
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We are throwing a party/cookout for my sister today. It is lightly raining so I am really hoping it stops so we can so some stuff outside.
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Well I got up at 5:30 am (yes thats right) and it was nice and sunny and I thought I would be able to work at a clients but now its overcast with light rain coming.

So I transplanted my tomato seedlings (only 4 dozen), some more lily bulbs too.
Then cleaned up some spots in the basement.

I finally finished typing up a big commercial landscape proposal and emailed it to one of the tenants I'm working with. It came to more $$ than I though which would be great if I get the job!!

So Neil went up to the farm today to do "stuff" so I'll probably read a book if its raining but I really have stuff to outside.

Thats all for now!!
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Good afternoon!

I went to work for a little bit this morning, just to catch some more overtime It's 80* and sunny outside, and I'd love to go to the beach. But DH will probably be at work all day, and the beach is no fun knowing he's working! I might wash the car later (I keep promising it a bath, and never do it!), and maybe pick up another betta fish, since poor Fishy 3 got sick and died; now the betta tank is sad and empty.

Time to go enjoy the sun
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