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I dont care!!

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This is my tree and I am not letting go of it I popped out into the garden to grab a few shots of some emerging flowers, and Minnie Moo`s came racing out and, well! umm! basically got in the way perhaps she thought she was better looking than the flowers

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What a fabulous photo!
Love her eyes. Made me smile
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That is soooo cute!

Love the way she's holding on and looking down!
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Definitely cuter than any flower!
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That is so cute!
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What a beautiful picture, that tree is getting a good hug.
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she looks like she's wearing little white boxing gloves!

and of course she's better looking than the flowers!
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Definitely cuter than some emerging flowers She's a doll and sure is giving that tree a hug
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aww, sooo sweet!
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Yep, definatley cuter than flowers

Great picture!
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Well she will have to let go soon because we are moving at the end of the month Still just to the side of the place where we are going is a woodland area which I am sure she will enjoy
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She's certainly hanging on for dear life.
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Aaaaaw she's got those big, sad "I can't get doooown!" eyes!!
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What a great pic
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That photo is beautiful!! Love her pretty white paws & those big green eyes!!
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