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I am New & Have Question.

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My name is Khris, I have a question concerning my cat. Her name is Rascal and she is about 10 months old. A friend of mine could not take care of her so I took her in. I am not sure what mix she is but I do know she is part calico. My question is how do I tell if she is pregnant? Her belly seems to be getting a little bigger, she has been eating alot more and it seems her nipples are getting a bit larger but I can't say I am sure cause I never really looked at them that closely. Any imformation you have will be appreciated.

Thank You,
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Hello Khris~

I am going to move your thread over to our Health and Nutrition forum, where it may get quicker attention.
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Thank you so much...
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hi justkhris,

the quickest and the best way to find out if the cat is pregnant is to make a vet appointment and take her in. the vet will be able to tell you. being fat could mean she has a parasite invasion- but this is the time of year, and if she was outdoors and not spayed, she is probably pregnant. a spay scar is awfully hard to see so looking for that even if you are a vet is often times not successful.

if you do take her in and she is not pregnant I would like to suggest you get her spayed. it will make both of your lives so much easier
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Hi and welcome, Khris!

i hope you stick around to read the articles and the forum pages, as the info you can find is invaluable!

i want to share the following website with you, and hope you will get a chance to read the information provided:


A: If you have not spayed your female cat and she is allowed outdoors, she most likely is pregnant. I strongly urge spaying all female pets, for a number of reasons. Only your veterinarian can determine whether or not she is actually pregnant. I would suggest taking her in for a checkup, and if she is not pregnant, have her spayed.

Approximately 46,575 Dogs and Cats are killed every DAY in animal shelters. Every litter of kittens born adds to that number, because people who adopt those kittens might have instead adopted a shelter animal.

For more information on spaying, see: http://cats.about.com/cs/spayneuter/index.htm.

For information on pregnancy and birth, see: http://cats.about.com/cs/pregnancybirth/index.htm.

Khris, my two kitties are spayed and are kept indoors. Trust me, i save myself a lot of worries and other concerns.

Take care!


From another newbie
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Thanks so much. I am still learning alot about my new kitty and I deeply appreciate all your help. I will make an appointment and look at the sites you provided. If she is pregnant I will make sure the new kittys have a great home, and ofcourse have her fixed.

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Oh, Khris, i am happy to learn that you will get her spayed...


"Courtesy begets courtesy"
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Hey! I don't have anything to add about checking for pregnancy, other than taking her to the vet, which has already been said. Just wanted to welcome you to the site!
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