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Suspected re-blockage

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Hi, You may or may not have read my previous thread regarding my cat Archie, but I have had to drop him in at the vets again today with another suspected blockage. The thing is, the vet last time mentioned doing a p/u and I just don't know if I can afford the operation. Last time he cost me over £3000. I know money shouldn't come into it but to be realistic, it has to. Also I don't know if I should put him through anymore treatment, he spent a month at the vets last time, is it fair to put him through it again? Will the operation solve his problems, or will he still spend half his life in the litter box, which he has been doing for the past few months. I have to question quality of life as he hasn't been himself since this whole thing started. I am at the moment awaiting a call from the vet to update me on the situation and provide me with possible options and also possble cost. Has anyone else had to make this kind of decision due to this type of illness? Please let me know what you would do. Thanks
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My friends Cat had to have it done and he has been fine since.
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I have heard only good things. I would do some research and I am sure others will follow. See if you can get a payment plan or some kind of assistance for hardship. 3000 pounds is a lot of money though I have paid similarly.
Still there does come a point when you can't afford to throw money at a problem that will not be fixed. So if he can be ok you can try but if it is going to be this all of the time and he is miserable...
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The vet has just phoned and suggested I have him pts because of all the complications he has had and he is completely blocked, they can't get a catheter into him. So now he's gone and my heart is breaking. My vet said he thought the opration wouldn't help him as the blockage seemed to be further up so creating a wider opening wouldn't help. I never expected I would lose my cat to FLUTD,The prescription diet and meds just didn't help. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm gonna miss him so much, it seems so unfair he was only 3.
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So sorry about your Cat. It is unfair. My Frisky was only 1.5 years when I lost him to that and Bogart was almost 3. Frisky and Bogart were our first Cats when we were Kids. My last Male Yoshi I had to have Pts Jan 11. His Kidneys were fulls of Stones and they think he had fip. He was only 5. I am scared to get another Male now.
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