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I saw Iron Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WEEEEE we went and saw it last night. it was SO good! (please ignore the fact that Robert Downey Jr is on my list of yummy actors). The special effects and plot and everything were SO good. Tristan's been waiting for it to come out and i wasn't really interested. But i'm totally changed now

Who else here has seen it??
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i downloaded it last week, looks good. i really want to go see it now on the big screen
at frist i was like who cares. i was never a iron man fan. but even the bad load i had made the move look good.
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DH went and saw it with "the boys" last night while I went and saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day which I really enjoyed with a friend! They all thought it was good. I just don't see Robert Downey Jr as a superhero character though...
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My husband and I are going to see it tomorrow. I wasn't too into the idea of seeing it initially, but now I'm getting rather excited about it!
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My Dad and Sister are going to see it right now.
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I saw the trailer for it several weeks ago, and since I wasn't familiar with the comic, I was completely taken aback by the sudden turn into fantasy -- it started out looking like a perfectly realistic war movie, and that lured me in. I may actually go see it!
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lol, i soooo didn't want to see it either ... but my fiance dragged me out... i was no good at work today because i saw it last night... but i really enjoyed it! i thought robert downy Jr. was great... lol, but i always thought he was super yummy!
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I saw it last night. It was good, but nothing super amazing. They filled 4 theaters though.
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We're going to see it soon, I'm sure. DH is a comic book fan, but was never really much of an Iron Man fan. Still, he does want to see this movie. I told him that I could deal with looking at Robert Downey Jr. for 2 hours, just like I can deal with watching Christian Bale in Batman for 2 hours too.
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I saw it just the other day and despite the Londoners sitting beside me screaming profanities at the top of their voices every time something on screen moved, it was a good movie! We were virtually rolling in the aisle at a couple of points - it was hilarious!
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We may go see it today, my bf and I, if I can stay awake. I'm having trouble sleeping for some reason *cough*he snores badly lol*cough*
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I saw it on Friday night and really liked it! (our theatre was full too! it was crazy!) I went with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law to Bahama Breeze for dinner and then we went to see Iron Man. I really enjoyed it- i liked the way they added a little twist to it to fit what's going on in the with our world recently - it was kinda cool.
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I saw it and liked it. Did anyone see the small scene after the credits? I don't want to ruin it but it gives a small hint of what is to come in the sequels. Starts with an "A".

With a Captain America movie due out in 2009....I'm looking forward to the Iron Man sequels.
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My boyfriend took me to it last night i wasnt interested in seeing it, but i ended up really liking it. It felt a little long but it didnt lose my attention.
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I loved it! Went and cashed in the gift card given to me last year to go see it at a matinee this afternoon just to get out of the apartment for awhile. Seems like I saved it for a pretty good flick! My bf just wants to rent it on DVD when it comes out. What a spoilsport
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Though it isn't my type of movie, DH talked me into it. I did like it, mostly because of Robert Downey Jr. An excellent actor.

One thing though - I did not recognize Jeff Bridges. He seemed familiar and after the credits I realized I recognized his voice.
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DH and I saw it Saturday night. It was awesome! I did not think he would make a good super hero but he really surprised me. I give it two thumbs up.

Oh on a side funny note, we saw Iron Man with "Marijuana Man" There was this guy with his girlfriend sitting a couple seats over. I noticed before the film started he was rolling a thin cigarette... obviously marijuana. The guy gets up to go get his fix 6 times during the movie! Do you think he might have a little problem????
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