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Two new pics of Spaz that my friend took, she seems to get redder with age.
Clickable thumbnails

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she's gorgeous! that coat looks like it takes some looking after too! very fluffy.
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She actually does a great job of taking care of her coat herself, I just have to comb the base of her tail and breeches since she can't reach them well anymore.
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She is gorgeous!!
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What a stunningly gorgeous coat!! That is RED!!! I just want to reach into the pic and scrunch that beautiful are so lucky to have her
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Thank you, we are very lucky to have each other, I truly believe that she is my soul mate.
Just for color comparison here are some older pics of her, one as a baby kitty and one as a two year old young lady.

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Spaz is beautiful
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Spaz is a gorgeous girl! Her colors are amazing!! Love all that fluffiness of hers
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Those pics are fantastic! Spaz is GORGEOUS!!
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