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My Sisters Cat has irregular Kidneys

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She took her Cat to the Vet today because he lost Weight. Thye Vet said his Kidneys feel irregular. They did a liver and kidney test. They also said he has a buldge in his Thyroid but said its normal and can make him lose weight. He also throws up a few times a week. What scares me is my Stormy died from Kidney Failure at age 5 and she had the same Dad. My Yoshi had Kidney Stones that could not be removed and they think Fip. All have the same Dad. I sure hope her Cat wont be next. Do you think she should get a 2nd opinion?
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Yes ...

cause it is normal to loose wt is a sign to me of a BAD vet ....

if there are thyroid and kidney isssues present they can be treated with good results
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I think she should go to another Vet. When Yoshi got sick last year his blood wasnt to bad so my Vet did a Xray and he Kidneys were full of Stones. The Fip test was Pos too but its not always right. To bad my Vet is to far from my Sisters.
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Irregular feeling kidneys tell you absolutely nothing about the kidneys...except that they feel irregular...duh!

And any thyroid bulge needs to be investigated.

At the very MINIMUM, this cat needs blood work drawn to find out renal function, and thyroid status. Both renal failure and hyperthyroid will cause weight loss. Renal failure will cause inappetance and vomiting. Hyperthyroid will cause excessive eating that still results in massive weight loss due to increased metabolism...hyperthyroid is also very hard on the heart, as it can cause the heart to beat too fast and too hard. If the first vet didn't give her any concrete answers, and a plan for treatment...then absolutely YES...she needs to take her kitty for a second opinion...and very soon, it sounds like!

Good luck!
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They did the blood test and say they are ok. I think they should have done Xrays. I do not get how they say its normal. His Kidneys and Thyroid were not like that before.
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My Sister got Aces blood test results and they are ok except white count is a little high and there wa some blood in his Urine. I think she should gte a Xray and a 2nd opinion.
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