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Ouch that smarts

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Lately Tomnus has been waking me up in the middle of the night by biting my toes which have a tendency to hang off the bed a little bit. If I try to move them he will actually latch onto my foot and bite harder. This is a really bad idea because I have horrid feet with fungus infection between all of my toes(a few of my toes are actually peeling off) and I don't want that to transfer to his tongue so how do I keep him from doing this?
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It is a bad idea since it hurts you! Can you put something that deters cats on your feet, like bitter apple?
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Get the fungus infection treated! If it weren't for that, I'd suggest wearing thick socks to bed - they're the only thing that stops Jamie from biting our toes at night, but not a good idea with a fungus infection.
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I have a cream I put on every morning and it kind of works but the problem is my feet sweat A LOT. If there is a positive to this Tom only bites the tips of my toes and the infection is between them...but it still hurts and I really worry about him getting something from me. I would wear socks but it gets worse the more I sweat air is good.
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Ohh! Best your wore some socks to bed! Can imagine that hurts a bit!
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One habit I learned from my mother was sleeping with my feet out from under the covers to regulate the temperature. Sterling has managed to break me of that in the last year or so.

He doesn't bite hard, but it's enough to wake me up. Little pill.
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Or you could try not letting him sleep in the bed? I know alot of people do this, but I dont think I (or Teddy for that matter) would be comfortable with him sleeping in our bed. Teddy sleeps in his cat carrier (with the door open of course) every night with his favourite blanket and little teddy bear which is in the laundry and I dont think he would have it any other way. I dont understand why people need to have their cats sleep in their beds with them?
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Thats where he chooses to go, I don't even have to pick him up and put him there. He basically has free rain at night so sometimes he is in bed with me other times during the night he won't be(not really sure where he goes but then again I'm usually to asleep to care).
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If I were you, I would ensure there are lots of warm, comfy places for him to sleep elsewhere in the house and then keep your bedroom door closed at all times, especially when you are asleep. (I had to do this with Lily when she peed in my wardrobe once (she had cystitis) she now tends to sleep on her fleece under the radiator in the upstairs hallway or on the couch, she's quite happy.)
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