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Fleas on Kittens - spot on?

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I have 3 kittens that are 14 weeks old. I bathed them about once a month. WELL, my long haired kitten, Snowball, (the other two are short haired) got an extra bath today because he got some poopoo on his butt which was hard to remove (sorry if TMI). During this bath I found a flea scurrying away from the water up to his head. So, I guess our Snowball has fleas!! This makes me feel extra bad because he didn't have fleas when we got him! So, I am assuming he got them outside our apartment (we took them on walks a couple times). My husband went to Petco and the man there recommended spot on, so hubby bought it. Here are my questions.

1) Because one of my kittens has fleas does that automatically mean ALL of them do? (I did a rub down on a white piece of paper to see if any flea excrement came out, and it did on 2/3 kittens.)

2) Does anyone have experience with Spot On? It says it is for kittens less than 5 pounds and over 12 weeks (which is our scenario), but I remember reading horror stories in the past about pet owners who treated their kittens for fleas and for wahtever reasons their kitty died. I know that is probably very few and far between, but I would never want to risk it, I'd rather wait until they were older.

3) What does this mean for my apartment cleaning wise. How do I make sure it is not flea infested.

If anyone has experience with this, I would appreciate hearing about it greatly. None of my kittens seem to be scratching very often, so it seems to be in the somewhat early stages. Any advice is VERY welcome.

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I would NOT use any flea products that you did not get from your vet. They can be harmful, esp. on young kittens.

If one has fleas, they all do.
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Please consult a vet
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