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How can something that small make such a large stink

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With studying for tests I have been REALLY bad about changing Toms had actually been about 3 weeks since i last changed it....I Know I know thats torture. Well today I walked in the apartment and just about passed out, it smelled like a petting zoo in here so I picked up the entire works: box, bag, and litter and threw it all out. I had all three windows open despite the stores(hail and tornadoes) we have had today and it still smells in here. Tom is only about 8-9 pounds how the heck can he make such a mess. I happen to sleep in the room that his litter box is in and I actually hadn't noticed the smell before this afternoon...thats how out of it I've been with school stuff.

Don't worry he got a new box and fresh litter tonight when I came back from the movies and he thanked me right away by peeing in the litter I just finished pouring into the box. He then wrapped himself around my legs and started to pur...he was probably thinking "Finally he flushes my toilet" lol...
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that is getting close to neglect. the fact that your cat lives indoors and you take away his basic right to having a clean area to go to the toilet is really quite cruel.

cats are by nature clean creatures and this would be distressing for him.

i've read your posts and can't help but think that you need some kind of assistance in your living arrangements.

like i said before, it is not good for you or your cat to be living in the unsanitary conditions that you are.

if you won't do it for yourself then please, for the sake of this cat that you profess to love so much, sort out the mess that you are living in.
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Think about getting a self cleaning box it would make your life easier and the cat's. You have a very well behaved cat for putting up with it. Just remember that old litter can make a cat sick. The ammonia from their urine is unhealthy.
My cats would have made me pay a steep price for that.

Just a few options I saw that might help. I know you love your cat and are busy. Try one of these at least it may make it faster and easier during crunch time.

Free shipping over 50 bucks right now.
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You might want to have a look round to make sure he hasn't been going to the toilet in corners etc. It would be perfectly reasonable of him to go elsewhere if his litter box is full.
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Well I can somewhat sympathize... One of my cat's poops are unreal. Like you can potently smell them all the way downstairs 5 min later, buried or not. I work 13 hour shifts with an hour commute each way and yes sometimes I forget to scoop the box, life happens. The last complete litter change I did was 2.5 weeks later for 2 cats, 3 weeks isn't that bad for just 1. Doesn't it say up to 4 weeks for 1 cat on the box? I can also sympathize with you in that mine always soil the fresh box asap too! I hope you had been scooping the old box in the meantime at least, otherwise maybe you should look into the automatic scooper machine so he doesn't have to step over his waste all the time.
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We scoop Teddys litter at least 3 times a day! We have to! The stink that that little boy makes is just unimaginable. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose, like he will see me go to the shower and wait until I get undressed and get in the shower (we have a litter tray in the bathroom) and then he will do big smelly poos, and leave them uncovered so I have to put up with his stink through my whole shower!! lmao. When I look out from behind the shower curtain he is looking at me like "HAHA MUM! COP THAT!" lmao
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Think of it this way... everytime you went to the bathroom you didnt flush the toilet, for 3 weeks straight. only add in the fact that everytime you go, you need to stick your feet in it.


Thats what your cat has to do.
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If I don't remove Bonnie's poos almost straight away, she swats them around in play, despite have several balls and bells to play with! Haha! Disgusting, I have to keep cleaning her feet!
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Beauty doesn't even USE her tray - she insists she wants to do it all outside (which saves on litter) but she'll only ever use her tray if it's late at night and no one is around to let her out.

And if she NEEDS to go, of course!
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I scoop the litter boxes every morning . and completely change them once a week.
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Since DH is home all day, he scoops the girls box about 3-5 times a day. If it is soiled, the girls will hold it until he scoops it and then go. He then has to scoop again. You cannot even smell their box when you come in our apartment.
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I have to say that I am quite shocked about that, 3 weeks!!! I clean my kitties box at least 3 times a day, I and my bf work full time and have busy lives. I really think that your kitty will become ill if you carry on like that. It can't be a very pleasant life that he leads, cooped in a room with 3 week old dirty litter. Awful. I don't want to make you feel bad but that is just not right, please rethink the way you are 'caring' for your kitty. I can be sitting in my lounge and my kitty goes to the loo in the other room and the potent smell wafts over to me, I have to clean it. Also, I completely clean my kitties box once every week.
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First if you are using the normal clay litter instead of pellets or scoopable, clay will smell a LONG time.

And if you are not scooping out the wet and poop on a daily (or at least every other day) basis, you can't expect it to smell pleasant.

Cheaper foods will cause a smellier poop, so maybe it part due to what you are feeding him. And if he's NOT neutered, a tom cat will be almost unlivable if the litter pan is not clean out.
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I think something that seems to be missed is that the op could also be making himself very very sick.
I sympathize with not having time...I'm a student myself, but even once every other day would be WAY better than what you are doing right now....of course it stinks...duh!
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Ok, we can all agree that it was too long, and not a good thing for either one of them. We have all made mistakes with our cats, I know I have before I knew as much s I have learned here. This is becoming almost bashing, and we do not treat our members so unkindly, even for mistakes. IMHO, we can let up on this busy college student now. At least his cat has a home and is not living on the streets or being intentionally mistreated. This is how we lose members that need advice and then never come back.
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Ok, I'd like to apologize. Krazy Kat2 is right...I know i don't clean the litter box as much as many people do on here....and I make other decisions as well that others may not agree with. I was cranky this morning and my concern for your health came out as mean.

I'd leave the windows open as long as you can (hail? eww!) and maybe get a combination of something to suck the smell out (like some boxes of baking soda) and something to mask an air freshener. Throwing out the whole situation was a good start I's amazing how much smell plastic can hold eh? At least that's where I'd start Hope it gets better soon...and that hail goes away ("isn't winter over yet" says the canadian).
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