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Check your PMs!
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Oh, okay.. i just did, and replied as well.

Thanks, Debby!

i will get offline now to get some rest...

Till next,

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Love the new name!
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Sometimes I think people are purposely trying to confuse me! Now I just have to try to remember your name change, GurlPower!
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Happy Sunday, folks!

Debby, thanks once again for being a doll!!

Mary Anne, thanks for your kind reply :

Christy, thanks for liking it! This signature is used by my four nieces in Singapore. i don't have kids of my own, just two furbabies, but i love kids, and i love these little darlings!

Jenn, oh, i don't mean to confuse you.. ...ulps! i have valid reasons to change it, trust me.. it was not for the fun of it.

Have a splendid day.. i feel great and well-rested!

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what does Pohchoowan mean?

Im curious.
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Me, too!
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