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Prayers for my Friend she has Cancer

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I knew my friend had Skin Cancer but didnt know how bad it was until I got this Email today.
She beat Cancer over 20 Years ago. It was another kind.
Here is the Email.
I found out a few weeks ago that I do have a fatal type of Skin cancer which loves to eneter internal organs if not gotten to right away .
Im just now letting all my on line friends know of this problem
I am doing well.
I am not on line daily right now to read emails .
As I am taking a bit more time to smell the roses .
And Have many many doctors appointments now
I truly hope you all understand
Luv R.L
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Oh no... what a sad new my friend... I´m so sorry....

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
For her and relatives can help at least with prayers...
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Thanks, She lives in New Mexico by the Texas Border.
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Bless her heart... I'll be thinking good thoughts for her.
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I dont know whats up with the cancer right now but it seems to be going around. A guy at my DH's work has liver cancer, and then cousin Rachael is dying from cancer everywhere. Good for your friend!
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Oh no, that's so sad.

Sending lots of prayers/vibes for your friend.
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I really want to help out at the Relay for Life. i am trying to find out how I can help.
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Oh I'm so sorry... my mom is now twice a cancer survivor: Breast and skin - she just found out last week about the skin cancer, but luckily it's like the "best" kind to have (if that makes sense) and since the doctor was able to cut it all out, she should be ok

Have you located your local relay for life (like googling)? I know Penn State just had theirs a few weeks ago and one is coming up in Maine... they are always looking for help, whether it's volunteers, donations or walkers so if you can find contact info for your local relay, I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you how you can help.
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I know its this Month. My Sister is doing the 3 day walk in Sept in Memory of our Mom. She died from Breast Cancer on Sept 13th 1999. My youngest Sister was 12. I wish the Dr would let me walk but she said no. Thats why I want to help out.
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Theres other ways to help out besides walking! Sponser someone to walk if you can afford it, if not help find sponsers, or run the drink fountain there! Theres tons of things to do! In Watertown here, people set up tents days ahead of time and camp at the track! Its crazy!!
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They will be Camping for 3 Days. This walk is 2 hours from here byt th Relay for Life is here.
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Well at least the relay for life part is close to you!
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