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Cat following everyone...

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Hey there,

I feel really mean, and not sure what to do about it.

We have got this cat (Black and white) that is always following me. It started a few weeks ago, and we didnt see it again. But last weekend, the window cleaner knocked and said that this cat had been following him, trying to get into everyones house that he knocked on including ours. I stood outside with it for a while, walked around the block with it to see if it went anywhere which indicated was its home, and it just followed me. Its happened on quite a few occasions throughout this week, and we have just got home from shopping and it has tried to get in again.

It seems to have a good temperament, is quite friendly and looks well looked after (Its quite a stocky built cat!). It has no collar on either and seems to be left out all the time (Including when we have thunder storms). What do I do? Do i phone the RSPCA and see if thay can help? I dont wanna have it taken away if its someones pet, but it is being a nuisance because we literally have to run inside the house so it dont get in (I would have it in, but Smudge wouldnt be best pleased! Plus it could be someones pet!)
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I have no advice, but I'm a sucker for kitties and would probably take him in. When I lived with my mom, we had a cat who was like this. He was so friendly, he won us over and we started feeding him and letting him in. He even won over our resident cat. We named him "Fishes."

Unfortunately, he and two other neighborhood cats just disappeared. I think someone might have trapped them and taken them away. He was such a sweet cat. We were sad because we had decided to keep him, and were in the process of transitioning him to indoor life.
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Why not take him... maybe into the porch, give him a meal and a dry place overnight and go knocking on doors in the area, see if anyone knows where he lives? Nothing to lose, and you might even find he's a 'returnee', a cat that got moved, escaped and came home, but no one's there now to greet him! Check with local shelters or the SPCA to see if he's been listed as missing.
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This may sound cruel but someone could have "dropped" him since he looked well-fed, friendly, and is new to the neighborhood. I would contact the SPCA to see if someone reported the cat missing. You could also have a vet scan him to see if he has a chip. If so, you could owner information from that.

If no luck with shelters, SPCA, or chips I would contact the local foster homes, no-kill shelters, or advertise to find a home for him if you cannot take him. Good luck!
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Awww poor little thing! He doesn't seem to know where home is or have a home at all! I would take him in and do what Larke suggested. I wouldn't be able to watch him roam the streets looking for somewhere to rest a while and he could well be motivated by hunger if he isn't a feral cat. I would feed him and call the RSPCA to see if anyone has reported a missing cat, keep him for a while to see if any neighbours come looking and if not i would either keep him or take him to the RSPCA if you don't want him. I couldn't let him walk the streets though, especially if he wants to come in! All the best
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