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The girls and the Lightswitches

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The other night, Rusty apparently decided it was too bright in here so she jumped on the back of the couch, reached up and turned off one of the lights!

And Dusty will turn off one of the lights by the stepping on the on/off button on one of our surge protectors.

Do any of your cats turn the lights off?
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Jamie likes to turn the two floor lamps off, especially when he sees one or both of us reading. I know he thinks it's a joke, because then he squeals and runs off.
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chloe turns the light switch off on one wall but it controls EVERYTHING on the opposite wall -- mainly the tv and vcr!!

and when patchy wants attn thinks we're neglecting her she turns the surge protecter off, turning the computer, lamp, modem, phone, etc off.
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My girls will take turns turning off the power supply to the modem. Maybe they are thinking we spend too much time online.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
My girls will take turns turning off the power supply to the modem. Maybe they are thinking we spend too much time online.
I'm just waiting for Jamie to do that. Currently, he insists upon "marching" across my notebook, so I think his next step will be turning off the power supply.

I don't have to wonder where the expression "copy cat" came from - cats definitely have an understanding of "cause and effect"!
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All the outlets in this place have very loose connections with plugs so it doesn't take much to unplug stuff(I live in a very crappy apartment). Heck I swear the wind unpluggs stuff from sockets sometimes in my bedroom. Tom loves to also pull cords from the outlets. His first favorite was the tv and cable box. He would walk behind the table its on and unplug that while I was watching something...very annoying. After he got yelled at enough times he stopped doing that and moved to my radio and alarm clock in the bedroom.
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Java has been known to turn on the closet light in my bedroom. the tall cat tree is right next to it, tho - so i'm not too certain that it's intentional!
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Not yet. That is funny. I am amazed at what they learn.
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yep, heyu does it. i had to change where my home computer is plugged in. Cause heyu wwould keep flipping it on and off
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We have to keep our DVD player unplugged when it's not in use, because Jamie will turn it on and then make the tray slide in and out. Ditto the printer and its test button.
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One morning I woke up to *very loud* cartoons. I had a houseguest who swore she hadn't turned the TV on (and was in fact still asleep when I woke up). My guess is that *somebody* stepped on or sat on the remote.

I caught Oliver sitting on my cell phone one night last week. He didn't manage to dial any numbers, though.

Our RB kitty Peaches used to sit on my parents' alarm clock and advance the time ahead, inducing panic when the alarm set for 6:30 a.m. went off at what was in fact 3:30 a.m..
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