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Trying to adopt one more

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I tried to adopt a young male kitten about 2-3 weeks ago and Tom and him DID NOT get along. They tried to kill each other the entire time and I took him back the next day. Well I am thinking about trying it again because Tom usually doesn't act like that and I found a female cat that looks just like Tom that I am thinking about adopting. She has the sweetest eyes and I think she is already front declawed and spade so I won't have to do either(landlord requires both for cats). I won't be adopting for a few weeks because I have finals and then I am going out of town but when I get back, if she is still available I think I am going to try to adopt again.

Any idea how to do this more successfully this time?
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Have you read the articles about proper introductions here?:http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22301
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It takes far more then a day for cats to get used to each other - it can take weeks or months. Patience is the key. You have to confine the newcomer to a room with food/water and litter pan and introduce them slowly.

It helps if you sprinkle both with cornstarch baby powder and rub in the fur or use a dab of vanilla extract on their chins and base of tail. You can't expect them to be happy to meet another
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