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Getting kitty to stop jumping on tables

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I have adopted a stray kitten that I have found she is know almost a year old, but she still has the habit of jumping on the table. I have tried using a spray bottle for about 2 months but she still does it. She is even getting bold enough to jump onto the table while the family is having dinner. If any one has any ideas please let me know.
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In the words of Pam Johnson Bennett-

"training by the spray bottle stinks!" She goes on in her book think like a cat to offer the suggestion of buying several low-cost plastic placemats and using double sided tape, tape them down to the outside of the tabletop to make an unattractive feeling for the cat to jump on. Do not allow the cat to jump on the table at any time, and leave the placemats there for a few days until the cat understands that surface is off limits.

Also provide an alternative elevated place for the cat, either in a cat ramp or cat tree near the table so he can feel part of the activity and still stay safe.
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since i got a kitty condo they kitties don't jump on the table as much. also i try to feed them when we are eating so they are busy eating there food and not bother us. Good luck with your kitty!!
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I had this problem with my cats. They liked jumping on the kitchen counters as well as the table. I ended up using a Scat-Mat. It is a grey mat that puts out a static electricity shock when touched. I am sure I am going to be slammed for it, because some people think it is cruel, but the amount of shock is VERY, VERY low, about the same as running your feet on the carpet and then touching a doorknob. It has three settings, and the manufacturer recomends LOW setting for cats. I have put my hand on it, stepped on it, as have my kids (they make a game out of it). It doesn't hurt the cat, it just startles them, and they learn quickly that the table is no place to jump. Because it works even when you are not around, the cat doesn't just learn not to jump whether or not you are in the room.

I don't turn it on anymore because they know what it is, and avoid it. I tried tape turned sticky side up and carpet runners, but the cats would jump up on the edge and see whether or not the runners were there, and would start jumping again if they weren't. The tape never worked for me. I guess with the Scat-Mat they never knew exactly where it was, and they were not willing to risk jumping up on the edge to check.
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Sorry i am not much of a help.. Daisy jumps on the dining table as well. My response: i just smile and carry on eating, and in addition, feed her with fish or chicken bits on one of her placemats.

i know i spoil my babies!

oh, i don't like negative reinforcements like spray bottles either. i think positive reinforcements are most ideal. Just sharing my opinion, that's all.
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