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It's totaled

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Well they looked at the car and declared it totaled. My mom will have to buy a used car now because we can't afford a new one.
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They did that with my Dads Truck and he got it fixed anyway.
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Oh no!!! That really stinks!

I borrowed my dad's truck a couple years back and ended up right in the middle of a storm. And a tornado got a hold of the truck after I ran into a store.
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When my mom totalled hers she had them cut her a check for it, which she used to have the body work done.
Worth it unless the frame is bent.
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My friends and I have all had our cars totaled, and they just wrote us a check for the worth of the vehicle (they were insured) A couple of my friends did the labor themselves and fixed them anyway, and although they will always have a damage ticket on them, they all run anyway! My cousin on the other hand, when we ran into the end of a 2 & 1/2 ton van with no brake lights, that car was totally unsavable! The frame was bent, we blew the radiator and every fluid possible came out! The airbags went off and caused us 1st 2nd & 3rd degree burns (apparently an airbag is like a gunshot or something) and we both have terrible scarring on our arms and stomach! We couldn't fix that one, and nor did we want to!

Was the car insured? If so, was it for liability or full coverage?? If it was liability they can't cut you check, they can only pay for the other car that was damaged. (Ive been in so many accidents, 4 in my lumina, and was with a bunch of people when they crashed theres, and one person who rolled! We hit a tree at 110 mph, and landed upside down.. not fun! I was pulling glass out of my cornrows for hours, until I decided to take them out!)
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