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Upgrading Microsoft office

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I currently have Microsoft Office 2000 professional that was "obtained" from a network server.

Anyhow I have occasional problems that ask for the disk which I do not have.

DH's company is associated with the Microsoft Home Use Program and he just ordered a disk of Microsoft Office 2007 I don't know what version-home/student etc. for a really great price!!

Anyhow I was hoping he could get Office 2003 but afraid not.

Am I going to have any problems with installing Office 2007 without having access to Office 2003 as I have lots of spreadsheets/forms etc or should I save them on a disk before installing.

Thanks for any info as I am fairly clueless!!
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Your files should be fine, but some upgrade versions of software will ask for your old serial # to ensure it is legal. However, it is always a good idea to do a back up before installing any new software
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The way it worked with all of my previous Microsoft upgrades, Windows and Office is that the upgrade installation CD asks you to insert the installation CD of the version you're upgrading from, so I think in this case that might not work, because of the Office 2000 source. And whether they allow an upgrade from 2000 anyway depends on Microsoft's upgrade policy, which should be stated on the outside of the retail version box. So, if they don't have a 2000 - 2007 upgrade path, then you might want to borrow a 2003 CD from someone.
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