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kitten doesn't like petting or held anymore

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We have a new kitten (6mos. old) that we got from a shelter. When we first got her (about 5 weeks ago), she loved to sit on our laps & be pet. She was spayed 2 1/2 wks. ago & everything went well. She no longer likes to be picked up or pet. She follows me everywhere around the house, under my feet all the time. When we try & pick her up, she can't get down fast enough. When we try & pet her, she'll hover around & come back for more like she wants to be pet, but won't sit still long enough. Can she be sore from being spayed still? She is playing & eating like normal.
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She is more than likely associating being picked up with painful stimuli. She was picked up, put in a carrier, taken to the vet, picked up put in a cage, picked up, put on a table, had blood taken, got a shot, lost control of her senses, woke up, picked up, felt pain, see where I am going?

Give her some time, get down on her level and just sit on the floor and let her come to you. Let her climb all over you, pet her a bit, give her a treat (keep them in your pocket) and don't pick her up for awhile until the memories fade.
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I agree,,,give her some time and I am sure she will be wanting to be picked up in no time at all....
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i agree too. give her alittle time and hopefully she will be lovey dovey again!
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When I first took in Ivo, she had been a stray (for a while, I think, because of some of the injuries she had). The first few weeks she lived with me she was extremely lovey-dovey, sitting in my lap, sleeping in my bed and loving being held. I think she missed safe affection. But, when she settled in and (I think) realized that this was a safe and permanent place, she cooled off. She's now returning the lovey-dovey cat she was. I just let her take physical handling (holding and petting) at her own speed. Give your kitty some time and be patient and kitty will come around. Good luck!
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2 of my Siamese do not like to be picked up,but will jump on my lap and want petted.When they don't want petted anymore they jump down,the other 3 loved to be picked up,I guess it it up to the cat's not us!
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