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Happy Kitties!

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The kitties love the new house! They discovered if they run down the hall, they can hit the tile floor and slide. They seem to be having a ball. They have their kitty tree back, and have spent much of the past few days just running around because there is room to do it.
Now if I can just tear myself away from the computer and get settled in, life will be good!
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Im happy for you and the kitties!

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I remember having a long hallway, that we dubbed "Feline Dragway".
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That has to be so cute!
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awww it's so nice when kitties are having fun!!
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what fun! you can throw noisy jingly bell toys down the hall and they'll go screaming after them! hee hee
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That's great! We actually took that into account when we were looking for a new place...how much romp room is there? LOL
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My Dad's cat Wanda (now over the Bridge) used to love his hallway, which was covered with slippy tiles. She'd wait at the living room end for you to roll a ball down the hall. She'd run after it, pass the ball and slide into the front door. After a shake and a quick lick ("I meant to do that"), she'd run back down the hall and wait for you to roll the ball again. It was so funny to see this usually calm and composed queen kitty go nuts sliding in the hallway.
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yay for the kitties!
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krazy kat2 - it's so great they're enjoying the new place... especially if they have more room to run and play. Yay!!!
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Lol! cute
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