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Weird litter box behaviour....

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Okay, this is just weird.

I clean out the litter boxes two times a day - in the morning and right before bed. We have three 8 month old kittens and they have always been very interested in my cleaning routine, but in the past two weeks, one of them has just become far too obsessed! My husband says it is Paddington's second favourite time of day - after feeding!

So, here's what happens. I do the upstairs boxes first. He sits and watches carefully (not so weird). Then, I move downstairs. The box is right by the back door. I remove the hood, and settle in to scoop. Again, he watches very carefully. The weirdness starts, however, after I have cleaned the box. As soon as I finish- but before I have replaced the hood - Paddington hops into the box and starts rolling around like crazy. He digs around, with a look on his face of pure ecstasy. He does a full roll and looks at me with a crazed look on his face. It makes us giggle to no end. I am going to try and get a video of it tonight...

Does anyone else's cat act crazy with the litterbox? I am sure someone out there must have some weird box behaviour!
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At that age, Go and Yon used to lay beside the box and try to "catch" the scooper while I was cleaning the box. A few times I got scratched too like they were asking me to let them do it.
On the other hand, San waited until I was done, and then "danced" inside 3 or 4 of the boxes (have 8), spreading litter outside the box. Naughty, naughty.
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At going-to-be four years old this year, Ming Loy is still absolutely fascinated by my cleaning the boxes! She doesn't jump in and roll around in pure ecstasy - but Flowerbelle used to do this. In fact - every once in a while she still has a "litter box freak out," where she'll be chasing (or being chased by) some imaginary who-knows-what - and she pops into a litter box and does a whole bunch of 180 degree fast turn-arounds, crouching down, pouncing at who-knows-what - and then comes FLYING out of there. But when she was about your kittens' age, she'd do just the same as your Paddy and roll around like she was in heaven.

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Not a freakout as much, but one of our boys always waits until I am cleaning out his litterbox before he will swing his little furry buttocks over a area that I have just scooped out and do a poo.
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