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Why do these things always happen to me?

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Well, my in-laws were surprised when I neutered the local (semi-)feral, didn't approve of me rescuing the giant dog and were absolutely shocked when I wouldn't let them kill a viper and had someone catch it and release in in the fields, but now I think I've topped all of these. My brothers-in-law have declared me insane (not angrily, but with a sad nod of the head) and my parents-in-law are on vacation so they haven't heard of the latest rescue - a rooster.

Well, this is what happened. I heard a chicken cry outside so I went and found an injured rooster lying on the ground. Our dog was slowly taking its feathers off and gave her a few bites... It was horrible, the poor thing's back was all naked and had some visible bite marks.

Now I ask you - what was I to do? I did what came naturally - picked up the poor bird and rushed it to the vet. The vet disinfected the wounds and gave him some antibiotics. He said that overall the injuries were not very bad - not as nasty as they looked and that the rooster had a good chance of healing.

I now keep the bird in our bathroom, as I can't let it loose outside with the dog and the cats...

My brother-in-law nearly fainted... He was shocked to hear that the vet was taking care of a chicken and mortified at me being the one that took it to the vet... He says I'll be the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

I think that I did the right thing. Why do I always have to justify these things... No one understands me
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Anne; God understands. He put man in the garden to be a Caretaker and Guardian for all his creations. Whatever other do or say is irrellevent. I would have done the same thing and I am not that big a fan of chickens. . . . I am sure I will not be the last one to come on and say the same thing. Now, where you go with the rescued rooster from here; I am not quite sure, but he probably can't stay in the bathroom indefinatly. Good luck. . . . .

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Yes, I knew I would get sympathy here That's why I posted...

And no - he won't stay in the bathroom for too long. Hubby flew to the state last night so he's not here to complain. That means I can keep the rooster in there for a few days to see how he's doing. We have some neighbors that keep chickens fenced in very large pens, so I guess I'll give them this one as well.
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you did the right thing! the caring, humane thing. I wouldn't want to associate myself with the kind of person who would have let the poor thing die. There is a reason the rooster ended up in your yard.

I would love to see a picture!
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Anne: I looked up the meaning of aRooster in a very old book I have on Chineese Mythology It says that the
Rooster is the "Bringer of News" as he is associated with "signaling the dawn" He is usually thought to be asociated with


Direct quote from book "He who keeps (shelters and feeds) rooster; shall prosper, multiply and number many years"

This is very exciting for those of us who believe that "Everything happens for a reason." TLK
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Tell your brother to just hush and you'll take care of any wounded animal. I support you. Granted, that rooster could be someones dinner, but it is a living, breathing creature and shouldn't have to suffer. I mean, I love hamburgers, but if I had to help a living, breathing, but injured cow, I would.

I just love all of us ole softies! Last night I stopped on a road to let a cat cross and then pulled over to see if I could get him, but he was feral and hauled arse.
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Any kind of animal you rescue and help is no one's business but yours. You didn't ask your brother to take it home with him so why should it bother him. With all due respect, your brother sounds like a very shallow person who's more concerned over what people will think than the good in people. Way to go girl!! You're a true animal lover.
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it's so strange for me to hear of people chastising others for helping
injured animals... :confused2

what a compassionate thing for you to do, i swear you have a
heart the size of Isreal.

you are a good person, you neednt explain yourself to anyone who doesnt
understand, they are obviously ignorant to the ways your heart works.

so be it, who cares what they think, you always do the right thing,
and you are that much more special for it.

you have saved many lives, and you are truly an angel.

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You know, that rooster landed in your lap because you are so good at helping the innocent ones. You did the right thing! Let everyone think you are nuts. People who laugh at stuff like this or put you down, will never know the joy of doing something good.
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It's a wonderful thing you did. I get teased at work for saving spiders, but I don't let that bother me. Just keep doing the good job you are doing saving any animal in need. We all understand.
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Originally posted by blue
i swear you have a
heart the size of Isreal.
Have you had a look at the map? It's really small

The rooster seems to be doing better. He goes around the bathroom, eats, drinks and does his business all over the floor. The vet said the main danger was that of infection, so I'll give him another day before I give him to the neighbors. I don't suppose they would take it to the vet again if it got sick.

You know, the main point of my BIL's argument was that as I'm not a vegetarian and we have chickens several times a week, I might as well have let him slaughter this one as well (his idea of putting it out of its misery). He said that as so many chickens have been killed for me, one more shouldn't matter... It was pretty hard to argue with that one... Especially as the dog plucked out most of this bird's feathers so he does look a lot like something you see at the supermarket... I am seriously considering turning into a vegetarian. It wouldn't be easy as I do enjoy eating meat...

Pictures of the survivor will be posted here later today, after I download them from my digital camera.
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What you do is you sneak into your BIL's bedroom and leave the rooster right by the window (right before dawn) Then "Lucky" will crow his good morning to the world, scare your BIL out of his wits, and you will have sweet revenge!

Good for you for rescuing this bird. Many would of just turned away or let the dogs have him. Nothing wrong with you Anne, the wrongness appears to be inside your BIL's heart.
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The point is รขโ‚ฌโ€ Who cares? Anne, if it wasn't your brother-in-law it would have been someone else. Nay-sayers abound, but rescuers are few and far between. Bless you for being a life-guard once again!

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Anne, in my opinion you are a true samaritan....bugger what everyone else says I think you are awesome

Also not that I am being nasty ......ggggrrrrrr....gets me so hot under the collar ......but why is you BIL getting involved - surely your place is your place and unless your BIL or MIL pays the bills who are they to comment about what goes on under your roof.....

I think you are great Anne an
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Just to set the record straight... My BIL is a good guy all around and so are his parents (they have even rescues a dog once and will always feed stray cats). I guess it's just the way they were raised in this semi-rural area. After all, my BIL was the one to drive to the vet yesterday and he volunteered to do that - I never had to ask. He was so agitated about the whole thing that it really made me laugh. He kept saying that was one expensive chiken - 25$ in vet bills and food (which I bought), for a few pounds of chicken... You gotta laugh at that one...

I really enjoy your feedback everyone. Do you think that the people around you would have reacted differently? I mean, you're right about how this shouldn't matter (and it'll never ever stop me from rescuing an animal), but I think most people (90%) would say we were all a bunch of soft hearted silly people.

Well, I'm proud to be one of the bunch!
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I think it's really sweet that you took a rooster in! Bah to what your in laws think about you helping all these animals. It's a great thing that you do !
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Here he is... By the way, I think it's a rooster and not a hen, but I'm not a 100% sure.

His wounds look very nasty but the vet said they're probably just superficial. As you can see, the dog plucked out a lot of its feathers so his "pastrami" part is showing.
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I was outside working in the garden in the summertime, when I noticed a group of kids on bicycles acting peculiar. I went over to see what was happening, and they had (shame of them!) knocked a baby bat out of a tree and had ran over it once with a bike and were debating whether to continue to torture and kill it! GRRRR! We had an awesome German Shepherd dog name of Brandy that we rescued and she would move the sun and moon for us. I called her over, put her on attack mode and she drove the kids off. (Didn't hurt them though) I got a rag, and picked up the poor bat off the road, took it inside and it was a female with babies clinging to her! I rushed her to my vet, and bless his heart, he set her wing and kept her in quarantine until cleared of rabies, and together we helped her get better. I was thereafter known as the "Crazy Batty Cat Lady!" LOL My, the labels we have to wear in life....

Oh and Anne, I just saw the picture. God Bless you for saving him, and yes, it is a rooster!
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Kids can be so cruel! It was so great of you to save the poor mama bat abd the babies! I bet I'll be the "old hen with cats".
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Annie you have such a kind heart for what you did. I think your BIL will remember the kind act you did more than the fact it was a chicken you saved..
Its good you have neighbors who will take it..just think twice if they ask you over for a chicken dinner. All kidding aside, its nice to think there are caring people out there...and that all animals are worthy of care and rescue...
Just a few days ago I read in my local newspaper of a man who abandoned about 15 cats in a house. When the police arrived at the house and got beyond the awful smell they found them dead. They said the cats had no food and had started to eat each other. I'm sure when they find this man, he will get a slap on the often we hear the horror stories..but it is so refreshing to hear of the good that people do...and you are one of the good people...
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Well guess what the rooster gave us today?

An egg! It's a hen! BIL was so happy - he says there's nothing better than a freshly laid egg. Now he wants to keep the hen and talks about building a pen in the backyard
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My son thinks I am turning into a "hippie" because I now volunteer at our Local Humane Society and I am the Kitten Coordinator for Siamese Rescue of Kansas...I just love to help animalsEsp. cats and can't turn my back on a helpless or hurt animal.

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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Well Anne you are not alone! I too also rescued a rooster! I do not know how it happened but when I found the poor thing it could not walk! So I took it to a vet (I have never returned to him)! He said he was sick and he wanted to put him down! I took him home! He was really weak but I fed him and he drank water so I built a little sling/swing for him! It supported his body (most of his weight)and within a week he was walking again! I just had that feeling! Two weeks later he was running around chasing the chickens!
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Oo you know Anne, they say just 3 small hens can give a family of (four or five) fresh eggs for a year! If you keep it you and Bil could cut eggs out of your grocery bill!
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Anne, I think what you did was great!! Don't let your in-laws and others put you down for it! You did what your heart told you to do! And, really what do they care? I don't think you are crazy or insane!
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Good for you and we are all proud of you. I'd do the same thing if I had too. Thanks for being the special person you are.


BTW, tell the brother-in-law and in-laws to mind their own business. I did when my father-in-law hold my husband that my retired racing greyhounds were ugly and that I should get rid of them. I told my husband that he (meaning my husband) could leave first. Both greyhounds are still here and so is hubby.
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I simply love 3LK's association with the Chinese mythology. Everything happens for a reason. And the answers to our questions and prayers are always there. We just need to be wise enough to see the messages. I choose to believe that the rooster was put in your path for a reason.
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So, what's this egg-laying rooster's name?

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Awww..... even the rooster is cute!! Do you plan on keeping him?
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