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Is my cat mad?

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I have a one year-old cat,Ripley, that is starting to go to the bathroom on the carpet. I dusted some tables today and noticed there was poop on a table. My friend who has beed working at a vets office for about 10 years told me it is because my cat is mad.

Ripley has never had a problem with accidents before. I think Ripley is mad because I won't let her go outside. She got outside a couple of weeks a go but I brought her right back in. Ever since she got a taste of the outdoor life, she has been doing everything she can to go outside. I have only let her outside with a leash and harness and with close supervision.

The reason I do not let her go unsupervised is because a pack of coyties stroll through my neighborhood every night. I am afraid that Ripley won't come home at night and she will be attacked by the coyties.

My questions are is she going to the bathroom in the house becuase she is mad? What can I do to keep her from going all ovr the house? Can anyone give me ideas on how to keep Ripley happy about going outside but keep her safe from the coyties? Any and all suggestions and advice will be grately appriciated. Thank-you!!!!!
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Cats are not vindictive creatures. It's a terrible misconception that have caused a lot of cats to lose their homes (even their lives).
Ripley may just need an extra litterbox. Some cats prefer to have one box for toilet #1 and another for #2.
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Ah, coyotes! My parents have to monitor their dog very closely because of the coyotes in their new neighborhood.

From what I understand (and please correct me if I'm wrong, others out there!) cats are not like dogs, in that they won't go to the bathroom somewhere to make a point. I know my parents dog poops to make a point (last time I was back in the US visiting, she pooped in the cup of one of my bras!). I don't quite know why your cat is pooping in inappropriate places, but I don't think it has anything to do with revenge. It is unusual for cats to not go somewhere where they can bury their business - maybe a call to the vet is in order just to see what they think?
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Get her checked for a urinary tract infection before jumping to other conclusions, and be sure to keep her litter clean.
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Originally Posted by Larke View Post
Get her checked for a urinary tract infection before jumping to other conclusions, and be sure to keep her litter clean.
Usually that will cause them to pee in inappropriate places - I didn't think it would cause them to poo elsewhere as well.

I agree that adding an extra litter box may help. Our two each have their own litter box, but they both use both litters - one for pee and one for poo.
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If a cat stops using the litter pan, its more likely a UTI or other medical problem. I'd take her to the vet for a check up. If medical is ruled out, then its behavior problem.

I would confine her to one room with the litter pan till she starts using it again. You might want to get a different litter or clean it more often.
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Cats will not do X (where X = anything bad such as not using the litterbox) because you did Y (where Y = anything that the cat didn't like). Like the other poster said, cats are not vindictive animals.

Cats are not vindictive, not because they are nice, but because they do not possess the mental capacity required to be vindictive.

If the cat poos in another location, it is not UTI.
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My Molly poops anywhere outside the box when she has a UTI. Pees in the box though.

Bea was also pooping outside the box, had a very mild UTI.

I would test her urine for a UTI/crystals. Also take in a fecal sample. It's possible she doesn't like the litter you are using, or that she doesn't like the litterbox or the location.

First step, however, is a vet exam!
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well, it might or might not be a UTI... but if this is a new behavior, it's best to rule out ANY possible health reason before assuming it's a behavioral issue.
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