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i saw the coolest thing.. (picts)

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I dont know if anyone has heard about our wild weather today, but i got some awesome photos of a tornado. I was sitting at Roman's work after getting my oil changed and doing some shopping and then the storm hit. These pictures are looking towards the west of stillwater just as the storm was passing at 7:25pm. The twister later touched down as a "multiple vortex" f3. Everyone at the plant ran outside to check out the storm, as you can see some of the guys in my photo. It was awesome and scary at the same time! BTW these were taken with my cell so they are kinda crappy.

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Neat! Last night I had a dream about a windy storm, and the sky looked like your pictures... except it was more pink.
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Those are neat pics! We had several tornados come through here a few days ago. I come from TN where there are lots of them, but aparently they are rare in eastern VA. One tore through Suffolk - a lady I work with had all the windows in her house blown out...
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Awesome pictures!
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Amazing shots for a cellphone! Very glad you didn't get any closeups, though.
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OMG! Those pictures are so awesome!

Must have been pretty scary too..
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cool picture's!
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Wow! That would scare me if I was there! I am glad I do not have tornados where I live!

Cool pics!!
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actually at that point i wasnt scared, i was in total amazement. i have seen plenty of tornados, but this one was so well lighted in the daylight that it was very easily seen and photographed. I was however scared when i was listening to the radio and it was on the ground headed straight for my parents home, i was terrified. I was also terrified in the following two storms that night, one i was having to drive home at 1am and couldnt see the road for the rain and hail, and the other i was parked and the wind litterally picked up the back end of the van and slammed it back down. I thought for sure it was gonna flip me.
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I couldnt live in a place where there are constantly tornadoes
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That is awesome!!!!! I wish I could be somewhere safe and watch one with my own eyes! I've only seen two in my life and I was in danger the second time, I was driving and it was coming down right in front of me, so I wasn't exactly excited!
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